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We take care of the following maintenance for your website.


Security Updates

This is very important to ensure that the website is up-to-date when a security update comes up, to ensure the website is not hacked.



Testing the latest version available and update to the latest stable version can help in improving performance and give enhanced features that we can take advantage to further grow the business both online and offline.



By maintaining sanity of the code and removing the unused 3rd party apps and integrations that are used on the website can enable the website to perform at its best and ensure more security for the website.


Bug Fixing

This is another important task that needs to be performed on a regular basis.


Content Update

Keeping the website content up-to-date ensure that the website ranks high on search engines and also help the users to understand the offering better and providing high conversion.


CSS Changes

By making changes to CSS the look and feel of the website can be changed and also fixing the CSS can ensure that the website looks good on all devices.

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