Thinking Of Adding Programmatic Digital Out-Of-Home Advertising To Your Next Media Buy?

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Thinking Of Adding Programmatic Digital Out-Of-Home Advertising To Your Next Media Buy?

what is programmatic digital out-of-home?

Out of home advertising is a form of advertising which has changed enormously with the passage of time. Technology has empowered the way out-of-home (OOH) is being carried out. One of the advanced forms of OOH is digital out of home advertising. Wide spread screens and demand of unique and creative advertisements has led us to develop the concept of digital out of home advertising. Advertisers have not stopped here. They moved one step ahead and made digital out of home advertising, programmatic digital out of home advertising.

Programmatic DOOH is need of an hour. Automation was much sought earlier in the advertising industry from both media buyer’s and media seller’s end. It happened with the rise of programmatic digital out of home advertising.


Out of home advertising is one of the most preferred types of advertising. OOH also known as outdoor media is messaging the targeted audience while they are travelling, commuting for work, or simply waiting. The tools used for out of home advertising are Billboards, street furniture, public transport vehicles etc. in short, when the target audience is encountered with your adverting campaign while they are out of home; it is called OOH advertising.

Changing with time is need of an hour so OOH has shifted to DOOH in last two decades. Digitalisation has emerged as one of the key concept and most adapted practice in recent years. Hence forth, players from OOH industry have also shifted to Digital out Of Home advertising.

DOOH refers to empowering up out of home advertising with technology. A complete computerized process of displaying ads on dynamic billboards, slots being auctioned dynamically and advertisers opting for real time marketing where ads run on various billboards in matter of minutes across the city.

What are the types of OOH?

Outdoor media is famous because it reaches to people by hook or crook. One cannot avoid it actually. It reaches to people by foot, mass transit or even by cabs and autos. OOH basically includes the following media types.

  • Billboards
  • Point Of Sale Display
  • Street Furniture
  • Transit Advertising
  • Mobile Billboards
  • Guerrilla advertising

What are the types of DOOH then?

Well it does not differ a lot from OOH but everything here is digitalised when we are talking about types of DOOH. It includes following.

  • Digital Billboards

Traditional billboards which are famous even today are carefully designed posters which carry creative campaign. Digital billboards are huge screens which show static and even moving images of particular campaign.

  • Live Bus Shelters

Who said bus shelters can’t go live. Well its nothing but screens which are placed on bus shelters where people wait. Such screens can detect motion; can even work as a touch screen and what not! It’s a sure shot tool to campaign your brand.

  • Mobile billboards at public places

These mobile billboards are screens placed on public places such as super markets, shopping malls, phone booths etc. every day thousands of people visit such places and chances of impressions per ad are quite high here.


Well it’s not a rocket science. Programmatic DOOH is a quite straight forward concept. Putting it in layman language terms, Programmatic DOOH is an automation of all sales transactions between media buyers and media sellers.

Earlier there was a long procedure which included long communication procedure between media buyers and media sellers. Traditional DOOH required an advertiser to contact Network owners, who then would negotiate on pricing, availability of slots and campaign. Once done with negotiation, network owner must manually schedule the whole campaign.

Programmatic DOOH creates ease for media buyers and sellers. Here in programmatic DOOH instead of contacting network owners manually media buyers access network owner’s assets, decide the campaign, pricing are predefined here, choose slot and book the screens. It eliminates taking follow ups and unnecessary delays. Basically it is a profound ad sales model.

What is Programmatic Media Buying after all?

Well we have understood what is programmatic DOOH? But there is an underlying concept of programmatic buying to be understood to make it clearer.

Programmatic media or ad buying refers to replacement of human by software. A computerized system books, schedules, negotiates and runs the digital advertising campaigns. It eliminates traditional approach of buying and selling digital advertising making it more efficient. Programmatic media buying is more reliable and apt concept for both media buyers and media sellers.

How does programmatic out of home work?

Well there are various systems which helps smooth running of programmatic OOH. These are the software which enables media buyers and sellers to perform their entire ad related task via one single digital platform chosen by them.

There are few systems which are precisely known as buying models for programmatic OOH and DOOH. They are as follows.

  • Real time bidding (RTB) which turns programmatic selling into an Auction. Network operator makes the available inventories open for sale to all potential buyers. The buyers then bid of inventories and time slots most suitable for their campaign. Within no time, the highest bidder is selected and the inventory is sold to him. In very less period of time he can run his campaign on such bought inventories. RTB is carried out in both ways, via an exchange open for all and via private exchange also. Public exchanges allow maximum buyers to bid where in via private exchange only invited members can bid.
  • Programmatic direct is another model currently in use. Programmatic direct is a process where inventory is sold directly to media buyers without any auction process. These are the buyers who are allowed to access programmatic network. These buyers can guarantee themselves a desired screen count, impression count, or some other relevant metric, setting the parameters of how and when they would like their media to appear and allowing the system to automate delivery. This offers a greater level of control, thus making programmatic direct a more valuable prospect generally. Consequently, the cost per thousand views (CPM) of programmatic direct tends to be higher than that of RTB.

Where is programmatic now? Is it the future of “ad buying”?

Future is uncertain that what people say but not in case of advertising. With the increase in demand of real time marketing and awareness of media buyers it won’t be exaggerating to say that Programmatic is the future of advertising. Currently one cannot claim the exact percentage of advertisements bought and sold programmatically but the decrease in traditional advertising indicates rise of Programmatic ad Buying. Although at a moment online ads are traded more programmatically but ad agencies are actively looking to trade “traditional” media programmatically as well.

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