Seven Easy steps to writing a 30 second radio ad

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Seven Easy steps to writing a 30 second radio ad

Thirty seconds is not a lot of time to get your message out. You can do a lot of things in thirty seconds like enjoy a slice of pizza or guzzle down a drink on a hot day – but hopefully not all at the same time! That may cause a choking hazard. In all seriousness, however, when you are advertising on the radio, one thing that you cannot do is waste time. You have a finite amount of time, thirty seconds in this example, to get everything out so that you can grab the audience’s attention tell them why then need to come to you and close your advertisement. To assist you in this endeavor, here are seven steps to help you along the way:

First step

When you are writing your radio spot, you will want to identify what you want the listeners to do. Listening to current radio advertisements, you would notice that most calls to action are at the end of the advertisement. Professional advertisers start at the end of their advertisement and work backwards. Once they know what they want their audiences to do, it would be easier to find how they want to say it. When you know what you want to say, you need to know how you want to say it. This can be done by following…

Step Two

Know your audience. This means know who you are trying to market to, because you should not market to high-price city executives and hillbillies the same way! You can advertise the same goods or services to them, but understanding who they are you would be able to better reach them. Using basic demographic information, you would be better served to reach the right people. If you want to reach a farmer, you could advertise in the early morning hours since they would start their days long before the sun comes up. If you are looking for a standard office worker advertising between 0700-0900 would be better for them. This is because they would more than likely be on their way to work in a vehicle listening to the radio. Make sense?

Step Three

If you want people to listen to your advertisement, you would need to know how to say what you need to say. There are many ways how to produce and design your advertisement. How you word your advertisement can make all the difference in the world. You can have the voice talent connect to the audience in a personal way. By bring the listener into their own lives. Make your script lively, real and impactful.

Step Four

Knowing how you want to say something is absolutely fantastic. It makes up the heart of your entire advertisement. What you need next is the right voice talent. Without a good voice actor, your advertisement could possibly be ignored –  even if you have an awesome script. Then all of your hard work went down the drain. Would you want to buy an all-terrain vehicle because you heard an advertisement where the announcer had a dreary high-pitch voice? Is that how you want your brand to be known? When people listen to your advertisement that may be the only contact they have with your company. Is that how you want to be known?

Step Five

Start strong. When you do you are more likely to get, and keep the audience’s attention. You are paying for an advertisement after all. Why waste the money on an advertisement just to have the person change the station?

Step Six

Look for deals with the radio stations. You might be able to get them to play several different radio spots for a bulk-rate. This can help you reach more people. It will even allow you to try different kinds of spots for A/B testing.

Now go out into the real world and test out all these radio advertising ideas/tips. If you are stuck, come back here to our home page for a wide selection of affordable, high-quality radio media buying options to get your radio ad on-air today!

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