Selling the emotional and social narration via billboards: Strategies Amul, Cadbury and Jaipurfoot use

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Selling the emotional and social narration via billboards: Strategies Amul, Cadbury and Jaipurfoot use

Why there has been a drift in the way of advertising?

The 21st century has started to witness a major change as to how the general public conceives thoughts, ideas and opinions on various issues. People have long started to see the whole world as a large family that has been reduced to a small network, thanks to the advancements technology has made.

They have just started to rise above lewd comments, forced comedy and stupid remarks as a means of luring people towards them. Especially companies advertising for their products.

They have started to realise the shift in the bent of minds of the people as the years pass by.

They have started to ditch the regular comedy, and began to incorporate social causes, political issues and replaced comedy with sarcasm and quirk.

They have started to tell the story and mission of their product teeming to with social issues prevalent in the society.

They have found a way to creep into the emotional expression of the people and channelize these emotions and social responsibilities to sell their product more efficiently.

In a way, the way to advertise products; especially that of through billboards have changed.

The era of selling the emotional and social narration via billboards is here.

Studying Amul: Selling the social and political narration

Amul, a well-established brand of the Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation has been known for its OOH media advertising, especially billboards.

There is probably no other company that even comes close to the way Amul advertises, even though it really does not need a lot of advertisement. Almost every major highway, every major flyover in metropolitan cities has at least one Amul billboard by its side.

The USP of Amul, (which is why we have taken this brand up) is the way they narrate a current affair, or any social issue or cause; and advertise their flagship product- Amul butter with it.

Amul has mastered the art of crafting such advertisements that directly aims for the soul of the person, not even the tangible heart. Whether it is taking up a social cause like domestic violence or politically mocking Donald Trump in the light of current US elections, Amul has found a very subtle way to put it all in a package; and sell their product, all at once.
Amul uses a lot of pun in its ads and creates really catchy lines to put up on their billboards that make it very hard for a person to resist not looking for a second at the ad as they drive by.

Lesson to learn from Amul: Highlighting social causes has not only put Amul on a very high pedestal but has also boosted the sales of their product in the decades that have passed by.

Studying Cadbury: Selling the emotional narration

Amitabh Bachchan, the quintessential family man for decades now has been the face of Cadbury chocolates for a long time. With the even extremely emotionally designed tagline “KuchMeethaHoJaaye”, Cadbury has managed to become the changing Indian family’s typical dessert. Not only a dessert, with the famous RakshaBandhan ads exclusively by Cadbury, they have become a household name when it comes to gifting options for your beloved.
The Cadbury Celebrations, which is a patent of Cadbury and has super hiked sales during RakshaBandhan and Bhai Dooj aims at emotionally targeting the sweet and sour relation between a brother and a sister.Cadbury has become a big brand, thanks to their specific targets.

Be it Cadbury Silk for your loved one, or a pack of Celebrations for your sister, or specially crafted hampers for Diwali, Cadbury has carved a name for itself channelizing the emotions of the Indian diaspora.

Studying Jaipurfoot: Selling both emotional and social narration

Jaipurfoot is a recognised Prosthetics providing company based in Jaipur, operating in all of the nation.

The issue of handicapped children and youngsters is a pestering issue of both social and emotional importance in India that has hindered the growth of the nation.

With the advent of such companies, the picture is changing, though.
Jaipurfoot, with their intelligent and smart billboard ads, has managed to grab attention towards such an important social cause that holds emotional aspect with these children.

Simply the pictures are enough to poke the emotional part of one’s mind and provoke a thought towards it.

And, as a consequence, people are drawn to knowing more about such social causes. The affluent even take up the initiative to help such organisations out.
All in all, Jaipurfoot has managed to tingle thoughts with simple ads that are able to tick mark all the boxes of the right billboard ad.

Social, emotional and political causes are becoming some of the most pet concerns of the people of this century and companies have found the exact way to use it.

Have you found yours?

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