Scenario of Out-of-home advertising in USA

OOH Advertising Trends in USA

Out-of-home buying and selling or OOH advertising, or simply outdoor advertising aims at grasping the attention of the potential buyers as they step out of their homes to appeal their visual senses. The aim of OOH advertising is to tantalise the purchaser while they are on errands of any kind.  Started out as just traditional billboards, the means of OOH advertising have expanded their horizons to include street furniture (shelters, mall kiosk), transit (buses, food trucks, carts) and now, digital out-of-home advertising (DOOH).

Current trends & scenario

Advertising communication is at a high in the States like never before.


Currently the nation spends the most amount on outdoor advertising; approximately 1, 61,800 million US$, which is bound to increase by 28.5% in the next 5 years.


In contrast to traditional small billboards, king-size billboards are becoming a rage among advertisers, given the fact they catch the end-users attention.

The same trend is observed with DOOH where large video-walls display the content and gives the consumer a more detailed knowledge. It has been psychologically found that larger-than life screens increase the influence of a product/service on the audience.


At the present, there are more than a 100 thousand billboards in The States, out of which 6,000 are digital.


The urban population in the USA is increasing manifolds and so is the target audience which implies to the increasing receptivity of the content with increasing number of people viewing them.

Also, the world has condensed so much to become a small village; travelling has surged like never before and the opportunity for OOH advertising services has witnessed a tremendous hike. This is validated by the fact that transit advertising media including airports, taxis, and subways mount to the most impressive contributors of Outdoor advertising; a whopping 500 thousand!

An important facet to be discussed here is that OOH has become intelligent than ever; with technological advancements like facial recognition, and engaging the consumer in real-time.

OOH advertisers have started their social campaigns (like Coca-Cola did), that have successfully gathered a huge fan-base, promoting OOH activities further.

All this, ultimately leads to increased margins and revenues.

The future of OOH advertising:

The Global markets, especially that of UK, Canada and Australia are not far behind the Unites States but when it comes to OOH advertising market, United States leads, which now includes DOOH too. When it comes to the top OOH advertisers in the US, McDonalds and Apple top the charts by leaps.

Of all the means, the market honchos in The States affirm the growth of transit OOH advertising to be exponential and predict its future to be the brightest.