Rise Of Out-of-Home Advertising: Everything You Need To Know

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Rise Of Out-of-Home Advertising: Everything You Need To Know


Science has confirmed this, “Visual memory is the strongest memory.” Out of Home advertising campaigns support this trait of targeted audience and make sure that their product is never out of sight. Let it be working professionals or home makers, students or stay at home retired parents it is hard to avoid Out of Home advertising campaigns. OOH is always there; unavoidable, unforgettable and always in sight. OOH advertising comprises of many elements, but to simplify it we can say that, a type of advertising which reaches to everyone who is out of home.

What is Out Of Home Advertising?

Elaborating what we just quoted, OOH advertising consists of using the following means to reach every individual who is often out of home.

  1. Billboards
  2. Point Of Sale
  3. Street Furniture
  4. Mobile Billboards
  5. Guerilla Advertising

Precisely OOH is a mass media platform which allows marketer to have higher reach and a broader message. If we calculate the average time of an adult (18 or 18+) who travels, it is around 20 hours a week. Be it in bus or by car or even in a cab. This time is likely to increase in coming years and this is one of the reasons why OOH is gaining the popularity rapidly.

Types Of OOHs / Outdoor Advertisement Explained:

As we have seen the Out of home advertising consists of many tools, let me throw some light on each. Overall if we see, out of home advertising consists of all those tools which are easily visible to travelers, shoppers and roamers.

  1. Billboards:

One of the strongest tools for out of home advertising is billboard. Billboard is referred as a large outdoor advertising structure which is usually found in large population areas, heavy traffic cross roads, and alongside busy market areas too. Priory billboards were use to create awareness as it could not fetch a visitor’s time for long. Due to internet and digital media, the scenario has changed. Even a billboard can generate action.

  1. Point of sale display

These are small informative and action generating boards which are kept alongside to a billing table. Also there are brand specific displays also. If you are a frequent super market visitor this Out of Home advertising tool is hard to avoid. These are typically located near to the checkout counter to promote new product, new scheme in old product, new variant or a quick buy.

  1. Street Furniture

When creativity is a forty, Out of home advertising is a miracle. Use of bus shelters, kiosks, telephone booth, benches etc., is being done for advertising. It comes with pocket friendly budgets and have great amount of eye sights. They are the source of information for daily travelers as well as shoppers and roamers too. It stands out because of its creative use.

  1. Mobile Billboard

A mobile billboard is mounted on a moving vehicle like trucks, trolley, cabs, cycles and scooters sometimes also. They provide easy reach to desired business localities and fetch more eye sights when parked in the desired business locality. It is reaches easily to targeted audience.

  1. Guerrilla Advertising

Basically Guerrilla Advertising means adding an element of shock and surprise in an ad for a viewer. When it comes to Guerrilla advertising in Out Of Home / outdoor advertising, it is a technique which allows creativity to draw attention of people. Design a billboard or street furniture of even a mobile billboard in a way that it shocks the viewer. Such ads grab more time and attention.

Why Out Of Home Advertising?

Even though internet, entertainment mediums and communication tools have been favorites of marketers, Out of home advertising has proven to be the obedient son of advertising industry. There has always been an ongoing debate upon the success of Out of home Advertising and the reasons why it has be selected. The followings can be described as reasons to select OOH.

  • OOH is a budget friendly tool of advertising as it actually promises large number of eye sights every day. If we divide the total cost spent on a particular OOH tool by the reach in targeted audience, the answered cost is very negligible.
  • OOH builds trustworthiness. Yes you read it right. What we see daily becomes part of our routine and fail to mistrust it. Hence it offers the advantage of trustworthiness and familiarity to a particular brand. Sometimes for many people, a billboard or a Street Furniture is a signal to decide their next turn towards home or to decide the travel distance they still have to cover. That is a very rare benefit any other medium can provide.
  • OOH when created with creativity, builds a sense of liking and surprise too. Many billboards are so attractive that it catches attention of almost every one passing buy. People who appreciate creativity would surely follow the campaigns of such brand.
  • OOH offers both traditional as well as digital advertising as an option. Many cross roads and heavy traffic areas have arranged Digital billboards where one can show their campaign. It allows marketers to gain benefits of both, Digitalism and Reach.

When, How and Where to Use OOH?

Well to simplify the question, these WH questions answer the strategies of time, place and need of out of home advertising.


There is no specified time or point of using OOH as your tool. Still out of home advertising is used mostly in the first stage of product life cycle where a brand is trying to create awareness about a product or service.


Now this is a serious business. There are rules to be followed for using the OOH advertising. Which says,

  1. Keep is simple. Don’t be over complicated while designing an OOH / outdoor advertising campaign.
  2. Keep is small. It is only a matter of few seconds. Large billboard copies are often ignored.
  3. Keep it creative. No one would be interested to see a dull and over informative OOH. People seek creativity, knowledge they already have.
  4. Keep it friendly. Yes, a bossy billboard is neglected as people don’t like brands who are not friendly.


Lots of money is involved here so Where to keep an OOH is a strategic question. Mostly the aligning with the budget, the area of the OOH is decided. Once marketer is versed with the target audience for their business, the location of an OOH is easy to decide as they both would go hand in hand. Generally, OOHs are found near to heavy population areas, busy roads and markets, Airports, bus stops, railway stations, metro stations etc. But which area is suitable for your brand is based upon a marketer.

Few words of tips for using OOH. OOH is used for brand building so it should get a better part of budget. It ensures high reach so creating an OOH should be in a priority list of marketers. It directly gets in touch with targeted audience so any mistake in designing an OOH can cost a lot to a brand. Last but the not the least, being wise is expected rather to be smart when you are deciding the medium of OOH. Wise decisions are more accurate than smart ones.

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