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Cinema, television and radio adverts can deliver massive audiences to the advertiser. These are sophisticated media that offer unique creative opportunities to build atmosphere, convey emotion and fully engage the viewer or listener. 

The distinct advantage of cinema advertising is that your audience is captive, local and totally focused on the screen. A local ad on the big screen will be watched and absorbed by the audience without distraction. The purpose of this module is to familiarize you with different types of cinema advertising.


As a business owner or representative, you will need to understand the different types of cinema ads in order to gauge which (if any) forms of cinema advertisements will work best for your needs and advertising budget. By the end of this module, you will be able to:

  • Understand the various advantages associated with different cinema advertisements
  • Gauge whether your business or product will benefit from cinema ads


  • Types of cinema ads
  • Applications for Cinema Ads


Understand the various advantages associated with different cinema advertisements


According to statistics, cinema advertising is eight times more effective at making your brand stand out from the crowd than television. If you show people an unbranded still from an ad, three times as many cinemagoers will actually recall which brand it is for when compared with TV viewers. Cinema audiences are four times more likely to be emotionally engaged than a television audience, and those exposed to ads in the cinema are twice as likely to recall a brand compared to TV. Here are some major advantages of cinema ads:

  • Cinema ads facilitate direct & personal appeal.
  • Cinema ads are economical.
  • Cinema ads act as a good supplement to other advertising media.
  • Cinema ads leave lasting impact.
  • Cinema ads can use local language to make advertising more agreeable.


Think back to the last time you watched a movie in a Cinema hall. Recall the pre-movie ads that played. Pick any one of those and see how many of the advantages above were fulfilled by that ad.


Gauge whether your business or product will benefit from cinema ads


Advertising in cinemas is one of the best forms of marketing. For one, your brand and logo splashed across a 58′ wide screen cannot be ignored. A recent study showed that people are 8 times more likely to remember the names of advertisers at a movie than from television commercials. This is significant because it shows that cinema ads can provide a memorable experience that improves brand recall! Below, we have outlined a few basic types of cinema ads. What you need for your business will depend on your budget, target audience and availability of that cinema advertising spot.


Your still image slide will be will be displayed for 10-12 seconds in a loop for 5-20 minutes before the movie starts. During a typical weekend, your slide will be shown up to 70 times! We will even help you with the artwork. These spots are limited so you might want to inquire well in advance of your campaign start dates.


Video ads are shown in the last 5 minutes before the trailers start when attendance and attention is highest. Slots are available in 15 second increments.


Get your business or family name on the marquee! Sponsoring a movie for a weekend is a great way to get your message out to a new audience from many counties. The Twilight provides an 8′ banquet table in our lobby for brochures, free samples or coupons. Keep in mind that sponsorships will not come cheap!

For multiplexes, in-cinema advertising and food sales are bigger businesses than what they appear to be. In the volatile world of movie business, the two segments have grown to account for more than a third of income for multiplex operators. These segments are expanding at a quick pace, improving overall profitability of operators as they offer fatter margins than the core business of selling movie tickets. Cinema advertising is one of these. This means that you will most likely have to bargain well to get a great price on your cinema advertising spots.


Advice a fitness training centre as to what cinema option they can use in order to advertise through cinema advertisements


You just opened a boutique that sells custom designed fragrances. Part of your marketing campaign involves advertising at the local movie theatre. What types of cinema ads will work for your business? Also, suggest what content you can use to attract movie-going customers. Explain your choices with rationale.


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