Scheduling and Distribution



Finally, think about scheduling - you want to  time your campaigns and roll-outs in a manner that match your digital and other marketing efforts. Say, you are launching a digital product, but have radio and print campaigns that go along with it. What would you do? A savvy marketer will pace it in a way that will build momentum pre-launch, on launch day/week as well as keep the momentum going even post-launch so that customers build familiarity and trust with your brand and product over time.

You may choose to first build anticipation through various social media and website engagement activities, early-bird offers, newsletter notifications and/or live & recorded videos to create a buzz. If you have a significant budget, you could also choose to utilise viral marketing to gain traction even before you roll out your product. Rolling out your product involves processing ‘insertion orders’ or IO’s which is basically a listing of all the anticipated billings in a specific campaign. Once your pre-launch activities are completed and your IOs are scheduled, you might choose to hold an on-ground activation event,  where you may distribute freebies, print materials and other marketing literature. A multi-pronged approach might involve tying up with a local radio or TV spot to amplify and spread the word about your event. If don’t right, you will have gradually built up a buzz around your product launch and target customers will be flocking to all your marketing collaterals asking for more information.

Once launch day is over, you can keep the momentum going using contests, interactive activities online, or regular radio spots, endorsements, newsletters or even television broadcasts if your budget permits. From there you can broadcast regular videos or radio spots every so often to revive interest. This process requires proper scheduling and pacing in order to be effective, so even before you roll out your first marketing activity, you will need to sit down and map out the schedule of advertising spots so that they are all working in cohesion throughout the entire plan.  

This entire exercise can be pretty complicated. Whenever you are stuck, gainbuzz agents can guide you through the scheduling process and give you tips on what works in the real-world, based on years of experience.

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