Planning a successful integrated advertising campaign

Estimated time:  70 minutes

Category: General Advertising


The process of coordinating messages across the channels with an intention to increase brand awareness, familiarity, favorability, and purchase intent is what an integrated advertising campaign all about.

It is important for every business to have integrated advertising campaign because it serves as a great collaboration of traditional as well as digital marketing approaches that will prove to be beneficial for your brand.

Before designing an integrated campaign ensure you know about what other business in your field are doing. Publishing a single message, through a single medium to a small number of people will not be enough attract more customers.

Using multimedia sources such as radio, television, digital marketing or newspapers to create an integrated advertising campaign will help you to deliver a strong message, attract more customers and build brand awareness.


Advertising campaign strategy demands to decide the type of media you want to use that matches your business goal. Whether your business goal may be to leverage the branding process, generate new leads or to nurture existing customers, having a successful integrated advertising campaign is necessary if you want to improve your brand image and spread your advertising message.


By the end of this module, you will be able to:

  • Understand the benefits of integrated advertising
  • Understand the key considerations for building an effective integrated advertising campaign


  • Benefits of integrated advertising
  • Building an effective integrated advertising campaign

Detailed Learning


Understand the benefits of integrated advertising


Helps leverage your market position

In an era where every advertising professional is touting the benefits of integrated advertising, it may seem pretty obvious that integrated marketing helps you leverage your market position through coordinated marketing efforts. When you utilize multimedia channels to broadcast your message it literally leaves a mark in the minds of millions of customers. If you do it right, this impression is a positive and will help you grow your brand.

Helps jump-start lead generation

To generate leads, first you need to reach out to a lot of customers. Since  smartphones and websites are now shaping public opinion through information sharing, many buying decisions also happen online. To catch all these interested customers, you need to have an online platform such as a website or a social media page to capture all their information.

Reduces Stress

Integrated advertising campaigns can reduce your stress if you can find the right platform that allows you to manage everything from one simple interface – kind of like Gainbuzz. When professionals are involved and available to answer any questions you may have, it becomes easy to streamline and manage your campaign across different channels. This isn’t always possible with single-channel marketing where you contact each publisher separately.


Can you think of any other benefits of integrated marketing? List down the pros and cons of integrated marketing on a piece of paper.


Understand the key considerations for building an effective integrated advertising campaign.


In order to leverage your integrated marketing campaign, keep the following key considerations in mind:

Identify the audience

Implementing market research is the key to identify your target audience. With the help of market research you will get to know your target audience, their needs, wants, demands and current trends in the advertising field. Different media platforms attract different audiences so it is important develop your messaging in accordance with the platform on which you are advertising.

Make a detailed plan

Set your goals and create a line by line plan to incorporate integrated advertising through multimedia channels. It is necessary to have an eye on every details such as what are the channels, what is being published in those channels and how they are being measured. Knowing your business strategy and audience will help you to gain the desired results faster

Create Relevant Content

In the integrated advertising campaign, same messaging cannot be delivered to different media platforms. Even if the messaging may be same but the content and design should be created in respect to the demand of varied mediums. Creating a radio jingle will be perfect for radio but it can be a havoc to be published in the newspaper. So brands need to identify right and relevant content to attract potential customers.

Build relationships

Above all, be a brand that connects with the audience. Different advertising channels in your integrated campaign are just a vehicle for your consistent brand messaging. No matter how attractive your packaging of the message may be, if it lacks the emotional connect with the audience, you may not get the impact you were seeking. Deliver value in order to build relationships with your customers.


What other things should you consider when trying to create an effective outdoor advertising campaign? Why do you think those considerations are important?


You are a junior marketing associate at a major telecom company. You have been asked to pitch an integrated campaign to the middle management, listing the costs, benefits, features and perks of an integrated marketing campaign as well as highlighting how you will maximize your ROI using different media channels as part of your campaign. Prepare a pitch-deck to guide your presentation.



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