ROI vs. Risk


There has been an explosion of data out there which makes it difficult to identify and focus on the numbers that really matter. How do you cut through all the fluff and get to the information that really matters - what is the ROI of in all your marketing efforts?

The leaders in any organisation are always asking for key metrics, but how many marketers are actually able to deliver it realistically and in a way that the information can be used to improve sales?  In order to meet concrete marketing and sales targets you would need to align the analytics with actual financial goals and use predictive models to interpret your marketing data. Any marketer worth their money would need to look at things like:

Ignore misleading metrics

Vanity metrics as they are calling me miss you include likes, Download, registered users as well as one time page views. Please help your marketing efforts look good but Don't really do much to enhance the real metrics that can drive sales and growth such as engagement, seals, conversions, Active users and profits.

Basically, Vanity metrics are just fluff that make your marketing efforts look good but don't really do much to drive the real metric-sales. Engagement metrics on the other hand can help you increase your online Mike telling you exactly where you stand in the mind of users. Always think about how specific engagement metrics can help drive growth at your company - regardless of whether you are a startup or a large corporation. By looking at such data, you can find out  which content is really driving your user engagement and what areas offer favorable growth opportunities into based on audience interest.

Intelligently measure every move

As we discussed in the earlier section, marketing analytics and interpreting them intelligently can see this success of your Business.  the keyword in that sentence is intelligently because without intelligent interpretation, analytics and reporting are basically a bunch of numbers jumbled together. When you take the data interpret it accurately any use it didn't guy your campaigns and reach your audience more effectively, it translates into a successful marketing campaign that draws users and customers to your website or product. Ideally, you want to analyze data for during and after a marketing campaign so you can measure and chart your growth overtime. Make sure all of your analytics reports include action items for follow-up.

Focus on the bottom line

At the end of the day the most important metric in your marketing campaign and analytics is your bottom line aka sales. The real question you should be asking throughout your campaign is how your marketing investments are affecting your sales numbers and converting customers. That way, your marketing strategy built right into the campaign, and it is lean fluid and based on analytics numbers. After running a few campaigns, you will also get an idea of the consumers Journey from a passive bystander to an active buyer of your product and can tweet the process to make it more appealing to your end-user.

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