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Cinema provides a highly memorable multimedia experience. In fact,  cinema advertising reflects an increase of 59 per cent in ad-awareness and brand recall as compared to other advertising channels. According to the cinema advertising research, pre-movie ads have better reception among audiences with over 83% likeability rate.  This means that that on average 83 people out of every 100 people actually like pre-movie advertisements. This module will help you understand how and why audiences can be effectively engaged using cinema advertisements.


Many times pre-movie advertisements are very entertaining. The thing is that most people do not mind the advertisements in cinema halls and because they have “chosen” to be in that location for that particular time, for their own leisure, they are likely to be more receptive to your brand message. Part of the success of cinema advertising lies in the fact that most audiences have become accustomed to pre-movie ads, and accept them as a ubiquitous part of the entire movie-going experience.  By the end of this module, you will be able to:

  • Understand the significance of cinema advertisements
  • Understand the advantages of cinema advertisement in present times
  • Analyse the effect of cinema ads in the minds of audience members


  • Significance of Cinema Advertisements
  • Advantages of Cinema Advertisements
  • Effects of Cinema Advertising On Target Audiences


Understand the importance of cinema advertisements


The greatest minds of our generation are trying to figure out how to get more people to click on buttons. Marketing experts have been coming up with more dynamic ways to promote a brand to audiences all over the world. Promotion has evolved into a process that involves research and analysis. To that end, perhaps one of the easier ways to advertise is by using the immersive power of cinema advertising.

Cinema advertising is actually a great way to gain undivided audience attention. People use cinema advertising to reach a wide range of people with similar interests using the right advertising strategies.

Unlike typical advertising which is disruptive and intrusive, cinema advertising has the distinct advantage of having a willing and captive audience. This creates a positive image of a brand and hence appeals more to the target audience.

Brands can reach out to the audience in many ways but the ones that reach out to them in an immersive manner tend to be more successful. The cinema experience is automatically immersive by nature.


List down any 5 products or brands  that would benefit from cinema advertising and why.


Understand the advantages of cinema advertisement in present times


Constantly Captures Audience Attention

One of the keys to advertising using any medium is repetition. This is something that advertising in a movie theatre does. They play a certain number of advertisements in each theatre. Since they need to fill up time until the previews start, the cycle their advertisements. Repetition is one thing that every advertising expert will suggest to get your company or brand into a person’s head. That is why other mediums, such as radio work, they are played over and over again and people remember them mostly because they get stuck in their head.

Imagine having the power of repetition on a fifty-foot screen with Dolby Surround Sound. Do you think that these can help a person remember your commercial? I would say so. In fact, the companies that run the pre-movie advertisements have done their own studies, so take this information as you want. They have found that there is over a 50% brand recall.

Having people remember your brand is vital. But you know what is better? It is having over 67% of people remember your message. This would help in getting people to contact you to fulfil a need or want that they may have.

Builds Compulsory Awareness

Another good thing about advertising in movie theatres, is that it is the closest thing to advertising to willing prisoners you will ever have It still does not negate the fact that you are advertising to people that will probably not leave their seats and cannot fast forward through the advertisement. A representative of AMC reported in an interview that that even if there were many people that did not like the advertisement, not many people.

Many forms of advertising influence audiences and there are many ways to advertise as well. The entire point of advertising is to get people to do business with you. But as with every other form of advertising if you do not follow basic advertising rules your advertisement would fall flat on that sticky floor. If you well-researched, helpful advice and information on traditional advertising and DIY advertising options for all kinds of offline media including radio, print, cinema and billboard advertisements.

Visual Impact

Viewers are too focused on the screen whenever they’re in cinemas. Such would be the perfect opportunity to use ads and placements, especially for books. People grow curious of the things that they see. As such, visual impact plays a crucial role in cinema advertising. Many advertisers, therefore, take advantage of visual impact in promoting brands.

Younger, More Accepting Audience

Most young people go to cinemas to witness films catered for them, and we all know that they’re the perfect demographic for most forms of entertainment. Cinemas especially make it easier for sellers to reach out to the youth, who’d want to witness films even in trying times. Young people are the consumers of today and tomorrow and are the ideal early adopters of your product or brand, so it’s always a good idea to reach out to them.

Low Ad Avoidance

In cinemas, viewers have no choice but to watch what’s in front of them. Advertisers won’t pass up the chance to take this into account and have some sort of placement in cinemas at every opportunity with movie ads. If they’re actively anticipating for the movie, then they’d have to go through every ad shown in front of them.

Deeper Engagement

Since viewers are glued to the big screen, there’s more opportunity for them to indulge in cinema ads. By showing ads on the screen, it becomes a standard to spark discussions and stimulate conversations that’d last for a long time. This is especially more prominent in digital cinema advertising.

More Advertising Recall

On a smaller screen, viewers won’t really mind the ads that interrupt them with information. Through the big screen, however, it’s different in a sense that there’s so much quality in displaying ads on cinema. Also, the message hardly becomes repetitive and jarring to viewers.


Analyse the effect of cinema ads in the minds of audience members


Companies are realizing just how powerful advertising in the movie theatre is. There can be many reasons for this. One of the reasons is that they are making a decision to leave their home and go somewhere for entertainment. They have financially invested when they go to the movies. This could be one of the reasons that there is an average of 71 percent total awareness and recall of what is being advertised when people come out of the movie theatre.

There can be many reasons why movies goers are affected more by advertisement at the Cinema. One reason could be that when people go to the movies, they do it with their families. If an advertisement that is played, the can bring the family together. People are more likely to enjoy them. Other advertisements that are played can still be effective, but advertisers have realized that an advertisement that has been well done, will remind people of their loved ones.

Savvy advertisers will combine the pre-movie advertisement with other channels of marketing, such as the company’s social media account. Getting people engaged, not only connects people to your brand even more, it makes the brand stick in the mind even stronger – garnering loyalty from customers.

Cinemas are very engaging, and advertisers use this to their advantage. The emotional response does not have to be a tear jerker, but it can induce other feelings. An advertisement that can remind people of a vacation that they went on before, might make them want to go on another one in the future. If the previous trip was enjoyable, it can create an aura of joy. This is not just done with visual items, but it can also be done using sounds. Maybe the sound of a beach, or wind blowing through the trees. It can be done with food also, hungry is not really an emotion, but when an advertiser uses sounds of food cooking, it can induce hunger. It’s all about the psychology of the customer.

Cinema is a unique ingredient that adds creative expression to campaigns by filling in the gaps of one-site- fits-all approach. The audiences not only carries the story of the movie they just watched in cinema but also takes away the experience as cinema is all about the experience.


You  run an online travel portal that wants to advertise a particular destination or travel package to a specific audience. You hear that a local movie theatre is m=playing a movie based on that destination. Do you think is it a good idea to invest in cinema ads at tht movie theatre while that movie is playing? Why or why not?


You are training a bunch of marketing interns regarding the ins and outs of cinema advertising. Create a powerpoint presentation explaining any cinema ads can create positive brand perception and greater ad-recall.





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