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In the last decade, advertisements in online media have taken precedence over advertising through print media, and rightly so! The tech savvy young generation prefers mobiles to TV or newspapers. Today, it simply makes practical sense to invest in digital media advertising to promote your business.

Digital marketing or online marketing is to promote your business interests through digital media such as through websites, emails, blogs and articles or through social media. This module is aimed at sharing the basics of different types of digital marketing media with you.


In order to stay relevant today, businesses must learn promote themselves on digital media to the right target audience. It is important for anyone involved in marketing a business to learn about the different types of digital media in order to successfully plan a digital advertising campaign that is especially targeted for audiences according to the kind of digital channel they are using. Users today have tons of options when it comes to consuming content. Users are savvy, but also extremely fickle, so the only way to grab and hold audience attention is by using the right digital channel with the right content to reach the right user. By the end of this module, you will be able to:

  • Understand the significance of digital advertising in today’s mobile world.
  • Understand various types of digital advertisement.
  • Analyse benefits your business can derive from well-crafted digital campaigns


  1. Basics of Paid Digital advertising media
  2. Types of Paid Digital Advertising Media
  3. Advantages of Paid Digital Advertising


Understand the significance of digital advertising in today’s mobile world.


Everything we see on the web through mobile phones, tablet, PCs and obviously laptops can be considered as digital media. In other words, digital media encompasses any electronic information shared via above mentioned technology consoles in a way so that data appears attractive and informative to the end users. The world of digital media is expanding by the day and businesses are unequivocally hopping on to the digital bandwagon to reap its benefits. However this drive calls for developing fresh content that keeps potential customers and audiences coming back for more.

The pervasiveness of digital content in our lives is undeniable. For anybody to get used to anything, it is important to adapt to it completely. So, with Internet  becoming widely available and digital media becoming an indispensable part of our personal lives, it only makes sense that people have literally become ‘addicted’ to their digital devices.

Whether in the form of education material like e-books for schools, universities or corporate e-learning or any kind of audio visual clips concerning a documentary film etc among others, all act as a digital media. Even top publication houses are entering the digital media sphere to promote their publications to a larger global audience.


You are debating with a friend who owns a motel about why she should promote her business online. What points will you put forth to convince her that digital media can be an effective medium to reach a greater number of potential customers?


Understand various types of digital advertisement.


Banner Ads

Banner advertising includes graphic displays that can be reflected on the top, bottom or sides of the website. The former type of banner advertisement is called a leaderboard, while the latter is called a skyscraper and is positioned on a web page’s sidebars.

Banner advertising which is also known as display advertising consists of static or animated images that are usually placed on a high visibility area of a website. Banner advertising functions in a similar way as the traditional advertising. The only difference is that the method by which the advertisers pay the host is different from the traditional ad spaces sales.


AdSense is a program run by Google, it allows publishers to serve images, automatic texts, video or interactive media advertisements that are relevant to target audience and site content. The advertisements are controlled by Google and web publishers have to create a free AdSense account and copy-paste the provided ad to display the code. The different types of AdSense include Content, Video, Research and Link Units.


This includes content based advertising which can be targeted for users with particular interest or context. The ads can be simple text, image, animated image, flash video or rich media.


By using AdSense for video, publishers can generate revenue using ad placements from Google’s extensive advertising network with the help of video content. There are several video ad formats available that include Linear Video Ads, Overlay Ads and the True View Format.


In terms of research, AdSense allows businesses to display ads related to search terms and receive certain amount of revenue generated from those ads.  AdSense custom ads can be displayed with the results from the AdSense Custom Search Engine or by researching internal search results using Custom Search Ads.

Link Units

Link units are directly targeted to the interest of users. That is because the users directly interacts with the ad units and they become more interested in the ads they eventually see. The ads that display on the linked page per click Google ads are similar to those in regular AdSense ad unit.

After installing Adsense, creating and account and its code, the Adsense will send out robots to crawl your site to check what your content is all about. If they find that your content has similar keywords then those ads will show up on a site next to an article about relevant subject to the ad.

Native Advertising

Native advertising is a form of paid media where the ad experience follows the natural form and functions of the user experience in which it is placed.  The term ‘native’ refers to the coherence of the content with the other media that appears on a particular platform. There are different types of ad units that are most commonly used to achieve native advertising objectives.

In-Feed units

In-feed ads are the new format that you place inside your feed to help monetize your site and provide better user experience to the visitors. The idea behind it is to integrate advertisements better into the content of the user and to have better click rates.

Paid Search Ads

In any list of search results whether through search engines or social media platforms, paid search ads are generally found above or below the search engine results. These ad units are also used to promote businesses depending on the searcher’s current location and his/her preferences for restaurants or certain businesses.

Recommendation Widgets

Although these are technically part of content of the website, these widgets do not tend to appear in the manner to the content of the editorial feed. Recommendation ads are typically delivered through a widget that can be recognized by external reference suggestions and tangible topics.

Promoted Listings

Promoted Listings are designed to fit seamlessly with the browsing experience. They are usually featured on websites that are not content based such as e-commerce sites. Promoted Listings are presented in an identical manner with the products or services offered on the given site. They can also be found on popular social platforms such as Instagram.

Pop-Up Ads

A Pop-Up ad is a pop up window used for advertising. A pop up is a graphical user interface display area and it is a small window that appears in the foreground of the visual interface. A variation on the pop-up ad, the pop-under, is a window that loads behind the Web page that you’re viewing, only to appear when you leave that website.
Pop up windows come in many different shapes and sizes, generally in a scaled-down browser window with only the Close, Minimize and Maximize commands.

Video Platform Ads

Any video uploaded to video platforms such as YouTube can be considered a video platform an ad. YouTube Advertising in particular, is a part of your AdWords account. Pre-roll video ads appear before other videos on such platforms, and other video ads can appear besides playing videos and in search results. Having such a  YouTube ad is like pay per click advertising as you need to have a control over daily budget.

In most video platform ads, you only need to pay when someone engages in with your ad, and if viewers skip the ad before it’s over, you don’t pay for that video ad playing. Video campaigns in AdWords can also be created in a range of video formats to engage customers on YouTube and video partner sites.


You are speaking to your friend (the one that owns a motel) she is finally convinced that she should start a digital marketing campaign for promoting her business. What different types of digital media would be most effective for her? Explain your choices.


Analyse benefits your business can derive from well-crafted digital campaigns.


While the older generation of marketers is still adapting to the changing digital landscape, younger generations of millennial have trained themselves to become the pioneers of digital advertising.
Digital marketing offers a lot of comfort, ease, versatility and most importantly, digital is faster in getting you an unparalleled reach! Here are some key advantages of using paid digital advertising.


Digital marketing is cheaper compared to the other modes and means of marketing. Information going online regarding your company or product may not cost the company more than a fractional cost of sending the same information via newspaper or a digital advertisement.

Effective targeting

As the technology invades our daily life, it becomes easier to target potential customers through their online behavior. Through digital advertising, you can track everything from a user’s basic demographics, to interests, to frequently searched terms to purchasing behavior.

Traceable results

Technology has made it very easy for marketers to track and monitor the results of their campaigns online. The appropriate data can always be collected for analysts to assess and  provide valuable insights for decision making.

Comparative Analysis

Customers want to have a comparative analysis of the prices and benefits of all the products available in the market. The digital market offers them the platform to review all the aspects associated with a product.

Wider audience

The coverage of digital marketing is much more than that of the physical media as the internet is now the new tool of every type of communication. When you communicate over a technology driven device, you are free of geographic, socioeconomic and sometimes even the cultural norms of reaching the right types of customers. For example, a customer who comes from say, a vegetarian background for religious reasons, but personally likes meat, will be more likely to order meat products online.


List down five obstacles that digital advertising can help a traditional business to overcome.


List down any limitations that you think will be encountered while using digital media. How will you overcome those?

You might have seen a number of digital advertisements while browsing the web on your mobile phone. List down any 3 advertisements which have targeted you using multiple platforms. Were they effective? Why or why not?





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