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Transit advertising is a platform for creating brand awareness and building brand visibility and popularity. In the last couple of decades, transit advertising has become prominent with advancements in technology. The importance of transit advertising lies in the benefits it offers to marketers and businesses. Transit advertising can deliver a relevant message to the mass/targeted audience with ease and efficiency. This advertising medium offers consistency as well as stability when it comes to delivering brand awareness. With the help of transit advertising, you will be able to strategically place the brand message in a neighbourhood where your business can make a greater impact.

There are plenty of options in the type of transit ads you choose. You can have a simple printed advertisement in a variety of colors or a brighter and illuminated 3D rendition of the advertisement, which will glow in the dark, even offering illumination and functionality in say, a bus shelter at night. This module will give you a primer on the cost considerations for transit advertising.


One of the biggest advantages of transit advertising is that the cost on a CPM basis is much lower vis-à- vis other advertising mediums. In some cases it can be lower by a factor of 10 or 20 percent.There are different types of promotional displays that you can use to entice your audience in transit. Currently, There are in excess of 40 types of outdoor advertising mediums but the most commonly used include billboards, hoardings, posters, bus signs, airport ads, building wraps, mall posters, stadium signs, bench advertising, transit shelters, and much more. Few of them offer as much diversity in their reach as transit ads. When it comes to custine, transit ads can be affordable even for small and medium businesses. Learning about cost considerations will help you make informed decisions about how you will use transit advertising to boost your business.  By the end of this module, you will be able to:

  • Understand the advantages of transit advertising as an outdoor advertising channel
  • Learn about the approximate costs of different types of transit ads
  • Analyze the factors that influence the success of your transit ads


  • Advantages of Transit Advertising
  • Costs of Transit Advertising
  • Considerations For Successful Fransit Ads


Understand the advantages of transit advertising as an outdoor advertising channel


Advantages of transit advertising

Maximum Reach

One of the most important benefit of transit advertising is that it just appears to everyone.

No matter if the audience wants to don not want to see the ad yet it will be visible to them. Customers sitting at home can easily shuffle the channels telecasts one ad repeatedly, but in transit advertising they cannot ignore it or turn it off.


Transit advertising works best if placed smartly depending on its location. Consumers generally can see the transit ads at the maximum time when they are not indulged in to something else because either they are travelling or shopping. Transit ads reach people at the best possible time when they are not at work, home or school.


While considering the cost of transit ads, do not reject the transit ad campaign due to its pricing. Because if you think practically and smartly it is the best advertising medium to grab the attention of maximum audience. Although transit ads costs less compared to radio, television, newspapers and billboards. Transit ads will be of great value and result in long term investment by attracting potential audience.

Constant Exposure

Unlike other media, your brand’s transit ad will be seen 12+ hours a day. This advantage will help you to captivate audience of motorist and pedestrians in passing, at stops, or paused in traffic. Transit ads can get constant exposure due to their bold text and larger than life graphics which are appropriate to support your product.


You are giving a keynote presentation at a seminar talking about ways in which transit ads can boost marketing efforts for startups. List down five key points highlighting the advantages of transit ads and their applications for startups.


Learn about the approximate costs of different types of transit ads


There are three major types of transit advertising:

  • Posters inside the transport vehicle
  • Posters outside the transport vehicle
  • Posters located at bus and train station

The costs for different transit advertisements is as follows:

Bus Advertising:

This type of advertising method is uses bus as their medium of advertising. It can be in bus exterior, bus interior or a bus stop/shelter.


Bus Exterior Ads

$150-600 for traditional ad size and $2500-$6500 for larger ad sizes

Bus Stop Bus Shelter Ads – Range of $150-$600 for small to medium size markets and $3000- $6500 for high income areas

Bus Interior Ads – Range of $25-$125

Bench Ads – $75- $400

Subway Advertising

The subway advertising options consist of Backlit Diorama, 2 Sheet, Interior Display, vertical and horizontal display in the interior, Urban Panel and Station Domination.


Backlit Diorama – Range of $400-$1950

2 Sheet – $400- $950

Interior Display – Vertical and Horizontal Display-Range of $75-$150 for vertical display as well as $50-$100 horizontal display.

Urban Panel – $750- 2000

Station Domination – Range of $25000-$75000 0r more

Taxi Advertising

The transit advertising on Taxis can be displayed on the Taxi Top, Taxi Trunk, Taxi TV and Taxi Full Wrap


Taxi Top – Range of $200-$250

Taxi Trunk – Range of $200-$500

Taxi TV – 15 Spot – range of $5000-30,000 for entire taxi fleet

30 Spot – $7000-$35,000 for entire taxi fleet

60 Spot – $9000-$65,000

Taxi Full Wrap – Range of $950-$1950

Airport Advertising

In the airports, transit ads can be displayed at Back/Terminal, Baggage Claim, Mini

Spectacular, Spectacular, Digital Display and Airport banner.


Back/Terminal – Range of $3500-9900

Baggage Claim – $5500- $12900

Mini Spectacular – $5500-$12900 Range of $11,500-$19,900

Spectacular – Range of $11,500-$19,900

Digital Display – $3500- $9500

Airport Banner – Range of 15,000-$30,000

All the rates range for per ad per 4 week period and ranges of rates also depends on the timing and market. We suggest if you are seriously looking to purchase transit advertising spots, you do your own due diligence and send out RFPs to promising channel partners so you can compare prices firsthand.


Analyze the factors that influence the success of your transit ads


Before determining the overall costs of transit advertising it is important to consider variables that will help you to determine the overall costs for the transit ad campaign. These include considerations like:

  • The type of transit ad displays you choose
  • How long you want the ad campaign to run
  • When you want to advertise (peak seasons will impact available inventory)
  • The number of transit advertising billboards you want
  • What geographical locations you want to saturate

Determining all these variables you can design the transit ad campaign in order to get the best outcomes. Rest of the variables can be met if the cost if transit advertising is initially decided because it all depends on the budget of the advertiser.


You are in charge of getting an FMCG product out onto the market. Your target population mainly involves commuters. Strategize a comprehensive marketing plan that includes transit advertising as a major focus of your campaign. Take a look at the cost considerations and come up with an estimated budget for your planned activities.



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