Challenges in Media Buying

To a lay person it may look like media buying is just about calling and emailing advertising sales representatives looking for proposals.  However, a lot of forethought is involved and if you are new to the field, you may also face a few challenges. The advertising and media distribution industry can be very competitive and only savvy, seasoned buyers can tell apart a good media spot/deal from another.
Another aspect of dealing with the advertising industry is that you need to learn about and grab the best media opportunities  before their competitors do. In light of the existing cut-throat competition, it can become difficult to jump on to crucial opportunities at the right time so that you or your clients benefit from the media buying.
Another issue is the need for more smart buyers. We discussed cost considerations in a previous section. The other side to that conversation about value and bargaining is that you need to buy your media assets at the right price because you don’t want to end up paying more than what the asset or assets are normally worth. IF you cannot fit your media seems within the stipulated budget because you did not identify and grab a great media buying opportunity, your entire marketing plan could fall apart due to soaring costs.
In a world which is quickly becoming segmented due to the rise of social networks and internet clusters, it becomes a huge challenge to pick the right media channels to ensure that your advertising content is optimised and profitable. Gainbuzz professionals are trained to help you handle your advertising challenges and ensure that you get the best possible sports for your needs in order to orchestrate a successful campaign.

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