Benefits of distribution partner

Benefits of buying through a media distribution partner

While looking for media and marketing solutions, this particular thought is sure to have crossed your mind: Why should a pay a distributor or other platform to distribute my advertisements? To sum up the answer, a media agency is going to add specialized value and strength in 4 key areas for you:


Sure, you may be able to hash out a hard-driving bargain with the advertising agency representative out of  sheer determination. Consider this though - the media distribution agencies have years of experience - more importantly, they have years of professional history and relationship with various publishers in the industry. Whether it is radio, television, outdoor or any other type of media, by employing a media distribution partner, you get better deals. This is because of the media clout and symbiotic relationships that media agencies maintain with media publishers as part of an inter-professional group that you may not have access to as an outsider.


Media agency professionals have highly trained media buyers and media planners. These professionals’ core job is to deliver efficiently and profitably based on their clients’ media budgets. Since they do the same thing over and over again for hundreds of clients, they have immense combined experience and expertise in a variety or advertising fields. You may not be able to match this unless you are a veteran in the advertising industry yourself.  You are not just paying these professionals for hooking you up with cheap media spots - you are also paying them for their expertise and advice in ensuring an effective advertising campaign for your brand.


As a business owner, DIY-ing your way through an advertising campaign may not be as effective as signing up with an advertising distributor or vendor. Why?  The simple answer is that they have the operational and marketing processes and networks in place to deliver a successful campaign. Also , they have access to many tools and third party services as industry insiders, that enable them to deliver more efficiently.


Who would want to waste hours learning about someone else’s business and tactics when they could be focussing on their own growth? If you are a technical expert who builds apps, why would you waste your time trying to learn marketing. There are so many affordable options out there to engineer your marketing experience. It makes no sense to try and navigate a tough industry without an expert by your side. Instead, you trade a few dollars for convenience and effectiveness.  You also want to spend that time building your working relationships and growing your own business as opposed to wasting time on work that could be outsourced to professionals.

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