Beginner’s Guide to Transit Advertising

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Estimated time: 30 minutes


As a business owner, the success of your advertising and marketing techniques may be imperative to the growth and evolution of your company. Many different modes of advertising can be implemented within a business marketing plan, but some techniques may work better than others. Depending on what your product is and what type of demographic you are looking to target, transit advertising may be a lucrative marketing channel for your business to pursue.

Transit advertising includes advertisements placed in or on different types of public and private commercial transportation including public transportation areas such as bus shelters, subway stations and airports. Advertisements can be placed anywhere from the sides of buses, trains and taxis, to inside subway cars, inside bus stations and near train or bus platforms. The main purpose of transit advertising is to reach riders and acquaint them with your brand.


Transit advertising gives brands more of a chance to reach a crowd that they cannot reach otherwise. There are many ways someone can advertise on a vehicle. Transit advertising gives you unparalleled access to specific commuter populations. This module will help you:

  • Understand the basics of transit advertising
  • Analyze the advantages of transit ads
  • Learn about different kinds of transit advertisements


  • Basics of transit advertising
  • Advantages of transit advertising
  • Different types of transit advertising


Understand the basics of transit advertising


There are a growing number of advertising options for marketers today. Thanks to the internet, mobile devices and the traditional ”big three” of television, radio and newspapers, marketers have more opportunities than ever before to get the word out about new products and services

Transit advertising works like all other forms of advertising, as a way to help people learn more about your brand or a new product or service you’re offering.


List down 5 organizations that use  transit ads successfully as part of their marketing strategy. Give reasons for your choices.


Analyze the advantages of transit ads


Why Use Transit Advertising?

You certainly can’t ignore the advertising. It can’t be turned off like a television or radio station. Take a look at some of the benefits of using transit ads for marketing:

  • Transit ads reach drivers and passengers no matter what media platform they consume.
  • They have large, colorful, innovative designs that demand attention.
  • You have exclusivity in your space.
  • Transit ads are marketed to a variable audience.
  • You have the choice of location and size.

    Outdoor billboards and transit signs are very effective when used together, whether it is a full outdoor billboard or repeating your own store sign. The combination keeps some of your signs anchored and some mobile for great coverage.When considering your design, treat the signs as moving billboards. People won’t have a chance to look at the message for a long period of time, so use bright colors to attract attention and simple ideas with just a few words for effective transit advertising.


Learn about different kinds of transit advertisements


Types of Transit Advertising

King and queen signs are located on the sides of transit vehicles. They are the largest of the signs and are attached to the bus with aluminum frames.

Tail signs are located on the rear of transit vehicles. If you’ve ever been stuck behind a bus at a traffic light or in a traffic jam, you know what the back of that bus says by the time you start moving again.

Interior cards are smaller and are seen only by the riders. They line the tops of the bus windows and include a sign located on the divider behind the bus driver (behind the driver sign). Some buses are assigned to school and college routes, so ask your transit company if you can put your signs in those particular buses to reach that younger audience.


Now that you know the different types of transit advertising,  design a transit advertising strategy for a vegan restaurant in town. Include appropriate types of transit ads that would be most appropriate for your business.


If you are marketing in-charge of a coffee shop newly opened in town offering customised gourmet coffee. What transit ads and locations can you use to advertise your product. Also state the content that you will use and what will you do attract more customers?


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