An in-depth look at the issues surrounding cinema advertisement in 2017

How cinema advertising can help grow your brand?

I recently went to a drive-in movie theater. They brand themselves as the second oldest grass drive-in in the world. They advertise themselves very well. The movie that I went to go see is a movie that people have waited for two long years. The advertisements before the movie were not based on the movie that was playing, bust based on the location of the theater. Some of the advertisements were also geared to the types of people that would see a movie at the drive-in. The idea is not unique to this kind of theater, but it works for cinema advertisements in general.

People tend to remember advertisements at the cinema more than any other form of advertising available. The estimates are between 68 percent to 80 percent of people recall an advertisement or a brand from an advertisement that was played in the cinema. This is amazing considering all of the other forms of advertising that are available. Other forms of advertising can help you reach your clients, but you would not be able to reach them in the same way that you could at the cinema.

When you are advertising at the cinema, remember that you are advertising to people that already want to be there. They would not be able to change the channel or the station when your advertisement comes on. They would not be able to fast forward through the advertisements either. What you are getting is a group of people in a room, that basically do not want to be somewhere else. This is a boon for your advertising campaign engagement levels. But the question remains, how can you leverage advertising at the cinema to help your brand grow?

Technology that works

The answer to this lies in the ‘smart’ usage of technology. Technology is advancing at a rapid, unprecedented pace today. If you have the funds available, you can make your cinema advertising something that people would not forget easily. Since technology is now cheaper than it was before, you can even make an advertisement in 3-D, if you wish. Some companies, have gone further than making the advertisement just a treat for the eyes, but they have started incorporating the other senses as well. A major car company actually placed large fans in the theater to simulate what it was like to be in one of their vehicles. Appealing to different senses is obviously one way to get people to remember the brand that was being advertised. It is even possible that people can remember other advertisements that were played during this unique experience. You want to brand your company in a memorable way.

Advertising that works

Even in today’s digital world, you can grow your brand by advertising. Letting people know who you are is important in getting people to come visit your location. If you want to grow your brand, there are many modern tools and practices at your disposal. You can follow the lead of many of the larger companies, and make your advertisement interactive. Have them send you a text message, that opts them into a mailing list. This will afford you direct contact with potential customers. Just make sure that you are giving them a way to opt out. You definitely do not want to be that annoying telemarketer that bothers people during dinner. When you have people do something, such as texting or visiting your social media site, you are giving them a call to action. This helps people get a form of an attachment to your brand, which would make it easier for people to remember your brand.

What is so unique about cinema?

With other forms of advertising, people can generally ignore or bypass it easier. With advertising at the cinema, you can strike a chord. Make them remember you. It is more difficult targeting your audience at the movies, but remember, you are advertising to people that paid money to be there. So, they want to be there. It could be because they are trying to get out of the house. Maybe they are out on a family outing. If you advertise to everyone, you have a chance to get people to remember you. That is not enough though. You need them to come visit your own website, location or call-in to your call centre in order to up-sell to them and to grow your brand.

Keeping with the theme that they are at the movies to spend time with their family, you can give them something else to do rather than just go to the movies. Maybe they are looking for activities to do as a group. If you advertise at a place where it is likely a group is already there, you can give them new ideas. This can be a restaurant that is nearby. Maybe they were planning to eat somewhere else, but you can grow your brand by making people want to go to yours instead. It could be closer; the food could look better. Plus, if you have the sound of the food cooking in your advertisement, you could use what Pavlov did with his dogs; make their mouth water. People generally get hungry or think that they are at least, when they smell food or hear food cooking. You can use this as an advantage. Make people hungry, then make them wait. Just make sure that your advertisement makes your restaurant sound like the place that they want to be. The goal is to make them think of your brand when they want to fulfill a particular need.

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