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How do I add my professional information?

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Adding professional and details to your profile can help build credibility with people reaching out to you on Gainbuzz. 

Beyond selling media assets, Gainbuzz is a platform that you can use to network with relevant people to grow your business regardless of whether you are a media seller or an advertiser. 

Just as with other professional platforms such as LinkedIn, a complete Media Seller profile will be taken seriously by the advertisers when sharing proposals, making transactions or just browsing for more information. Here is how you can enter your professional details.

  1. Filling out your professional details on Gainbuzz is easy. Start by signing in to your Media Seller account. Then, tap the profile icon At the bottom left of your Gainbuzz dashboard.How do I add my professional information
  2. On the menu that appears at the bottom left of the screen, click the second option from the top that says “Professional Details”. How do I add my professional information
  3. On the “Professional Details” screen that appears, you will see various fields of entry. How do I add my professional information
  4. Begin by entering the name of your business. Business name is a mandatory field. Enter your business or brand’s registered name here.
  5. Next, fill in the name of the street where your business is located.
  6. Next, fill in the registered address for your business. The address field is mandatory. If you need more space, you can utilise the “ Address Line 2” field to enter the extra information.
  7. In the next field, enter your ZIP Code and City.
  8. The next two fields will ask you to select a country and state. Select the appropriate options.
  9. Select the category for the assets you are offering. Gainbuzz offers a variety of assets including outdoor, radio, print, event, transit, cinema and indoor advertising. There is also an option for services such as graphics, digital marketing, writing and translation, video and animation. To learn more about the asset and the service offerings through the GainBuzz, check out our Features page (link to features page). How do I add my professional information
  10. Next, select the Markets you want to cover. This includes the city where you have the asset offerings. You can select more than one option so select all that is applicable to your business. To learn more about the markets that we cover, check out our markets page (Link to markets page). How do I add my professional information
  11. In the next field, you can add the URL address of your business website. This will help potential advertisers find your Website and learn more about your services.
  12. Next, upload your business logo and a brief description of your business.
  13. In the next three fields, you have the option to add links to your social media accounts – Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages. How do I add my professional information
  14. Click on save changes and your professional details are now complete for your Gainbuzz Media Seller Profile.

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