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How can I add my review to asset?

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Sharing asset reviews helps other advertisers understand if the asset will be useful for their campaigns. From a media seller perspective, reviews are a great way to show appreciation for quality assets that have boosted your campaign results. Overall, reviews are a helpful way to know and grow with other Advertisers and Media Sellers. 


Gainbuzz provides an easy way to network with others in your industry by offering the functionality to share comments and reviews. Here is how you can share your review of an asset.

  1. Start by signing in to your Advertiser account. Then, select the asset category from the drop-down menu in the upper left corner of your Gainbuzz dashboard. How can I add my review to assetHow can I add my review to asset
  2. You will see asset listings in the category you selected being displayed on your screen. Select an asset card to see the details of a particular asset. How can I add my review to asset
  3. On the ‘Asset Detail’ page, you can enter your review in the “Customer Reviews” box below the description at the bottom of the screen. How can I add my review to asset
  4. After adding your review in the Customer Reviews box, click on the grey “Add Review” option below the Customer Review box to save your comment. How can I add my review to asset

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