How do I create a campaign?

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Campaigns are the cornerstone of successful advertising. Gainbuzz helps Advertisers create no-fuss campaigns with an easy-to-use digital interface. With Gainbuzz, Advertisers can browse and select assets, create a media plan, and use multiple assets to craft unique campaigns.

Here is how you can create a campaign using your Gainbuzz Advertiser account.

  1. Start by signing in to your Advertiser account. From the Gainbuzz Dashboard, tap on the “Campaign” icon which is at the left (third from the top) corner of the interface. How do I create a campaign
  2. On the ‘Campaign Page’ that comes up, click on the blue ‘Add New Campaign’ button at the center of the screen to start creating a new campaign. How do I create a campaign
  3. Upon clicking the ‘Add New Campaign’ option, a pop up window with a detailed form will appear. How do I create a campaign
  4. On the ‘Create a Campaign’ window that pops up when you click the ‘Add a New Campaign’ button, you will see various fields of entry. Fill these boxes with appropriate details about your advertising needs. 
  5. Begin by filling out the Campaign Name box with an appropriate name for your campaign.
  6. Next, in the Campaign type box, select the appropriate campaign from the drop-down menu. Campaign options include Promotion, Awareness, Digital Advertising and Retail among others. Pick the option that matches your needs.
  7. If your campaign is digital, tick the “Digital Campaign” checkbox.
  8. The Market/Location field at the bottom of the window is mandatory. Pick the right City for your advertising campaign.
  9. In the Budget drop-down menu on the right hand side, you will see the available budget options. Select the right budget option to continue.
  10. Next, select the appropriate Venue option from those available in the drop-down list. There are a variety of Venue options available – including libraries, construction sites, in-house among others. Depending on your campaign needs, you may want to pick strategic venues where your target audience will be able to view your advertisement.
  11. Finally, from the Duration drop-down menu, select how long you want your campaign to run.
  12. Once you have entered all the details of your campaign, click on the grey ‘Create A Campaign’ button at the bottom of the window to finish creating your campaign.
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