Asset Listing

How to open an asset listing page?

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Asset Listings help Advertisers review all the relevant details of the selected assets in a particular Asset Category. Redirecting to asset listing requires two steps as mentioned below.

  1. Start by signing in to your Advertiser account. From the drop-down menu in the upper left corner of your Gainbuzz Dashboard, select the Asset Category for the asset you want to view. How to open an asset listing page
  2. The Asset Category drop-down menu provides different category options such as  Outdoor, Indoor, Print, Radio, Event, Cinema, Transit and Service. Advertisers may select the Asset Category based on campaign requirements. How to open an asset listing page
  3. After selecting your Asset Category, the assets listed in that particular category will appear on your screen. Clicking on a particular asset card will redirect you to the ‘Asset Detail’ page. How to open an asset listing page

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