From where I can add/browse artwork?

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In order to run engaging ad-campaigns, you will need the right media and artwork to add visual interest to your brand message. Gainbuzz helps Advertisers customize their campaigns by offering the ability to upload high-quality artwork videos with a few clicks. 

Here are the steps to generate visual attraction for your campaigns by adding or browsing artwork.

  1. Start by signing in to your Advertiser account. Then, tap on the ‘Campaign’ icon that is in the left (third from top) corner of your Gainbuzz interface. From where I can add or browse artwork
  2. On the ‘Campaign Page’ that shows up, select the campaign for which you want to add artwork.
    Tip : You can also search for a campaign by typing the campaign name or other campaign-related details in the Search box on the top of the window. Alternatively, you can use the filter options such as Product Launch, Promotion, Awareness, Brand Building, and Political. Venue Type can be Schools, Libraries, Salons, Beach, etc. You can even apply more filters by choosing a specific location/ area. From where I can add or browse artwork
  3. On the ‘Campaign Detail’ screen, you can see different tabs such as Assets, Artwork, Reports where you can add & view various details. When you click on the Assets tab, you can view the assets added to the campaign. Under the Artwork tab, you can see all the videos added to the campaign. The Reports tab will show you all the details of the launch. This includes the SpotAds as well as the DigitalAds that were launched. To add the relevant media to your campaign, click on the Artwork tab located at the top left of your screen. From where I can add or browse artwork
  4. Under the Artwork tab, you can click on the green ‘Add Video’ button at the top right corner of the screen in order to add a video to run your campaign. From where I can add or browse artwork
  5. On clicking the ‘Add Video’ button, a pop up with the video details will show up. From where I can add or browse artwork
  6. Add all the relevant details of the video. First, add the title of the video in the Video Title text box. Note that adding the Video Title is mandatory.
  7. To add the video, drag the video and drop it in the ‘Upload or Drag-Drop Video’ field or browse the videos from the computer and upload it.
    Tip: Only videos can be uploaded to the Artwork. Any other formats like JPEG, JPG, etc. will display an error notification that says, ‘Please add a valid file.’
  8. After uploading the video, click on the blue ‘Add Video’ button at the bottom of the Add Video window. From where I can add or browse artwork
  9. Your artwork is now successfully added. A green notification tab that says, ‘Upload Successful’ will show up at the bottom left corner of the screen.

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