Improved and better advertising: The code for the right target audience for print advertising

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Improved and better advertising: The code for the right target audience for print advertising

Print advertising: The backbone of the industry

Print advertising is and always will be the next best thing in the industry of advertising.

Well, the techniques and strategies of print advertising has ever been evolving and are re-inventing every day.

At the outbreak of this topic, you might be asking yourself; “why print advertising at this juncture of online advertising and artsy software?”
Though it is ‘quoted’ that with the advent of furious technology at hand, print advertising is losing its flair, losing itself to interesting graphics; which let me tell you with a strong supporting study is totally bonkers.

It will be a blind eye to the fact that print advertising has long been the backbone of the whole advertising industry. I mean, let’s not even begin to forget the advent and blow of yellow pages that took the whole world of marketing by storm.

Defining your target audience

Target audience simply, is your pool of people who are potentially your clients and customers. The main purpose of you placing your print advertisement is to reach THIS target audience, which will be a niche with every product, every brand, every price bracket and every geographical region.


The string of ads is designed after the target audience is listen down, as it is the target audience which will make or break the popularity of the product you wish to promote. Target audience is zeroed in on after extensive research studies based on analysis of psychographics and demographics of the public that you are focusing on.

The psychographics is generally the preferences of the people, their mindset about a certain thing, their thought processes and their thinking about anything and everything.

Contrary to this, demographics deals in grouping people according to a bunch of numbers like age, sex, income bracket, number of children, education status among et all.

Once the demographics and psychographics are laid down, the target audience can be jotted down based on the product’s requirement, comparing it with the data collected.

Why define a target specific audience?


When a product is being advertised, it is being done so to promote it and increase the sales of the product. A no-brainer, really, a specific target audience will let your money flow in the right directions, where it is used and not just blown away.

Look at it this way; there is absolutely no use of placing an ad of a leading school in a business newspaper; that will be atrocious. So why just blow all the money by placing the ad of a school in all newspapers, where it is not even going to be paid heed to?

It would be better to spend a wholesome amount of money towards putting the ad where it could bring a call to action sort of thing.


So, it is essential to narrow down an audience first and then put an ad for design and production.

For instance, if an advertisement for high-class exquisite jewellery is placed in a students’ newspaper, it makes no sense literally. The audience that should have been targeted is missing and the ad becomes a miss.

However, in the same students’ newspaper, if the advertisement is about a leading coaching centre, chances are the ad might be a hit among the students as it will hit the right chords and at the right time.

Benefits of specifying a target audience

As specified earlier too, target specification will ease you of a lot of bucks. It is highly cost efficient and cost effective as it only focuses on people who could be potential buyers and then prints ads. The cost of printing is reduced as the numbers get reduced, which also decrease the cost of circulation.
It is specific is nature and is designed to captivate the interest of the person targeted.

If an ad for home-cooked meals is targeted to a person who is living in a foreign city on his/her own, there is a 99% chance the cord of ‘maa ke haath ka khaana’ will be struck and the deal signed. The ad becomes so specific to the target that the scope for ignoring it becomes marginal.

The message you want to deliver will be delivered more efficiently. There will be no scope of crafting it to the need of a wide population and so, the message, crisp and clear will be delivered more efficiently.

Selective advertising will also increase the quality of your ad and make your ad exclusive, which will have more scope of being transported by the word of mouth, promoting you product, with you achieving the goal you had.

Target specific print advertising can make your business and product one to watch out for, with the niche audience realizing your optimization for the general public.

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