Hyperlocal Advertising: Be Specific! Get Closer! Be Found!

Hyperlocal Advertising

Every advertiser aims to reach targeted audience and they always thrive to reach them in the best possible way. Well the new age advertising is blessed with what they call technology. Technology has changed the way things used to be earlier but in a good way. Earlier it was a hell of a job for the advertisers to find out target audience and pitch their product or services to them in a way it reaches to them. But now, it is bit easy. One of these technologically advanced ways of advertising is Hyperlocal advertising.

The name itself suggests its importance and meaning. Hyperlocal advertising is a way to get closer to the target audience. So close that it should be next to your target audiences’ home, office or even their means of transportation. Hyperlocal advertising is emerging and it has got due attention in last one decade. Last decade was the decade of technology. Advertisers have understood very well that to sustain in this dynamic environment, they will have to adapt new ways to reach the target audiences.

What is Hyperlocal Marketing?

Well the need of being specific and getting closer to the target audience is the result of this “attention economy” era. No one can just escape by putting advertisements almost anywhere. Hyperlocal marketing is a process of targeting the customers exactly where they are, at their specific location. This can be achieved by using various technologies and one of them is GPS. Hyperlocal marketing suggests getting the maximum out of all the “near me” searches done by the customer.

For example, you are in hurry as your kids’ project stationary is to be submitted in school today itself. Well you have searched enough around but some of the stationary items are specific and you can’t find them. Definitely you would not like to miss the deadline. What will you do then to find those specific stationary items? You will take out your phone and search for the same using the “near me” feature.

This example shows how important hyperlocal marketing is for the CMOs and what benefits it can yield to small businesses.

What is Hyperlocal Advertising?

To go by definition, Hyperlocal Advertising is starting from the name itself; hyperlocal means a very specific area, locally to a certain place (i.e. your home, your office, the Main Street, etc.). It could also stand for specific community or neighbourhood, or even a particular zip code. In this sense, Hyperlocal Advertising is the means with which you advertise your message to a much targeted audience based on their specific location. The location is often pinpointed with the help of location-based technologies, like the GPS on smart phones.

Rise of Hyperlocal

“Stagnated water can only have green grass growth and smell.” Although this line has nothing to do with advertising it suggests much about why change is to be adapted. Hyperlocal is a trend and a much needed change in terms of advertising.

Target audiences are becoming smarter and complicated to understand. In such situation marketers have to combine their geographical location, their purchasing power parity, their culture and their choices altogether to advertise their products. Such is the case using their wealth data along with their location is advisable. That is where hyperlocal works. Brands shall use the data wisely to engage with customers and should understand their mindset before pitching. Geo-location and contextual information when used wisely on right time and right place builds the best hyperlocal campaigns.

Hyperlocal and OOH

Nielsen’s recent study has proven that 79 percent of target audience is more awake out of home as compared to those who are looking at their screens. Out of home media is one of the strongest tools available to advertise as it catches the attention of customers where they are rather than showing them ads while they are at leisure.

Using out of home media tools for the specific area is called localized OOH. This term is derived by merging hyperlocal and OOH. Connecting to the target audience in their own territory where they live is a simplified solution for the brands to go local. The increase in the number of brands preferring OOH and Digital OOH to target the local communities is notable. Localized OOH and Digital OOH has the ability to adapt the consumers are living in, travelling and associating in a particular city.

Spotify the music app has adapted the Hyperlocal approach using OOH for their first campaign in India. In India the cultural changes vary even in same area. To get the best of this diversified locality, Spotify adapted this approach. They have created more than 3 million playlists by considering Geo-locations of listeners. One of their ad campaigns even took a pinch at the famous South Mumbai to North Mumbai long distance relationships and it worked out well for them.

Customers often seek information which is precise, which is accessible and which is more like their own. By adapting this approach of advertising brands can offer strong and positive brand experience to the target audience.

How to go with OOH and hyperlocal?

Well it’s not a rocket science. Similarly it requires following a set of strategies to optimize every penny spend on your advertising. This is a way to let consumers take your phone call or visit you as soon as they leave their home. To achieve this there are rules to be followed precisely. OOH and hyperlocal should go hand in hand to create a better brand experience.

  • Use hyperlocal effectively

Depending upon the type of your business, use the location data provided by the ad networks where location data is sold to buy relevant ad space. Hence when next time the consumer search “near me”, name of your brand pops up.

  • The Omnichannel approach

Based on the advertising budget you can always opt for the ideal mix. One can go ahead with hyperlocal and traditional ad mix to optimize their reach. There are parameters rather best practices to be followed while creating the channel mix and it can give the best possible results.

  • First is getting your SEO done right.
  • Let your content speak for you. Don’t take content lightly ever.
  • Use contextual targeting based on the psychographics, demographics and geographic data of the target audience.
  • Be found exactly where you are. Use geo fencing wisely and reach your target audience.
  • Always ask for reviews from your customers. Reviews help to build your goodwill. In this ever changing environment goodwill is something the consumers always look for. Reviews increase the chances of getting in top ranks on Google by almost 13%.
  • Always thrive to provide best in store experience once you get the customer inside your store. You can make the most by providing personalized experience and can deliver strong brand experience.

How to design hyperlocal advertising campaign?

Designing the hyperlocal advertising campaign in a way that you can have the most of your advertising budget is a tough task. Hence to deal with it there are certain fundamentals to look for and certain strategies to be followed.

  • Use the Google wisely. To be in top rankings you need to enter correct information and specific requirements.
  • Make the most of all sites providing deals to customers. Get in touch with such deal providers and list your business out there if you operate in such area. You are likely to get most out of it.
  • Plan your social media strategy and ad campaigns wisely. Social media has penetrated widely and is still penetrating. Almost all social media sites are providing the valuable hyperlocal advertising services.
  • Set the right marketing expectations. Any vague or miscalculated expectation can affect the whole campaign.
  • Optimize your paid search targeting. After you have set up your campaigns, you can also measure your performance by zip code. Based on your results, you might consider spending more in areas that are performing well.
  • Optimize your mobile or site app in a way that it delivers the much part of your campaign. Your brand name is to be highlighted in your app and make sure your site is linked with your mobile app too.
  • Be the Robin Hood for local communities. Local communities associate with those who tend to give back. Be the part of charities to get identified.
  • Creating unique landing pages is need of an hour. For effective hyperlocal advertising, it is important to have your landing page rank for every location of your business. With unique landing pages, you improve your rankings and may get picked up as a cited website by Google Maps.

Hyperlocal marketing and advertising is all about being specific. Getting closer to your customers and being found by the locals. Hence to get best of your advertising budget, let your customers feel connected. Hyperlocal is all about going extreme in your advertising strategies to be the nearest in your customers search.

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