How to make your brand famous using media mix?


How to make your brand famous using media mix?

Advertising has become the soul of sales which has been proved time to time. According to a report published in 2016 advertising and entertainment Industry’s revenue is expected to touch Rs. 2,260 billion by 2020 in India. Print is expected to grow at CAGR of 9% 2013-2018 cashing in $ 6.1 billion and Radio is expected to reach $ 545.6 million by 2018. Advertising revenue is pushing the economic boundaries ahead and we have to know how to use it to our advantage.

What is advertising and media usage and how do they go together? Well we plan to shed a light on it. There are great possibilities in advertising sector and it is very expensive to use every promotion technique to their fullest with a limited budget. So how do you create plan where you can optimize your publicity in the budget? Ans: It depends on what kind of product you are trying to sell and who is your target audience.

Product and media

This is what is called the right message to the right audience. You must analyze the kind of product you are selling and the demand for it and choose your media accordingly. If you are selling something that appeals to mass in general you should opt for media options that are showcased in front of them, like TV, Radio, Newspaper and Billboard. If your product caters to a niche crowd of engineers or such other audience then opt for specialized magazines for better publicity. What media you choose depends on your Target Audience.

Plan your media mix according to buying stages

Buying stages are consumer buying behavior stages. There are five of these stages Need Recognition, Information Search, Alternative Evaluation, Purchase Decision and Post-purchase Behavior. You can always use media options that are integrated with every step; with proper advertising and usage of platform you can conquer certain stages.

Need Recognition is from the consumer side which again is highly influential through media.

The second stage is Information Search; if someone is hungry you can start with information search where you have advertised your pizzeria to reach your target audience. Make sure there is sufficient information about your pizzeria through your website and third party reviews that can give you an added advantage in evaluation.

Now, comes the Purchase Decision for this you can have detailed menus printed out for them and have an easy way to order food from your pizzeria both will give you an advantage in Purchase Decision.

Post-purchase behavior is again in consumer’s hand but you can always know where to improve through feedback forms with right questions.

In this particular example the major advertising medium used are billboards, radio ads, newspaper ads, website, social media and flyers; and there is still room for more.

Always remember to use different media for one message

Integrated media is a great way to advertise. If you focus on only one kind of media you are only showcasing your brand to people who are exposed to it and the impact of it also reduces because of the lesser rotation. Instead you should focus on a better media mix with the same message to make the message louder. For example instead of using only billboards you should use both billboards and radio for more rotation and greater connect between the two mediums through one message.

Analyze the outcome

After you finish your campaign always analyze if your media mix strategy was successful or not and based on that you make your future media plan. Analyzing your media mix strategy is very important because they will give you a greater insight to your campaign and power to experiment more. This analysis will also help you in fine tuning your advertising campaign next time.

Even though media mix is most preferred option there might be some brands which only opt for one media type, this is quite popular in some small time business but it is more prevalent in regional brands. But all popular and big companies use different types of media mix to achieve better results. In the end it’s all about using different media assets to your advantage for a greater outcome and if you use media mix with careful planning then you can get some really impressive results from it.

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