How To Identify Buying Signals From Your Customers?

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How To Identify Buying Signals From Your Customers?

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Identifying True Buying Signals

Marketers use the majority of their marketing spend on in-person events. Yet, most marketers continue to treat event planning and execution very as an afterthought. When prospects and customers take time out of their busy schedule to attend your event, they are making an investment in your business. There are times when marketers become too busy selling their products or explaining their services that they forget to observe and identify the buying signals they get from the customers at live events. Here are some tips that can help you determine the buying signals customers may give off at live events:

Personalize the attendees’ experience

This can be done by collecting the digital information that the attendees leave behind. This information will allow you to send special offers, messages, and relevant communications based on personalized information about that prospect.

Produce more, and high quality leads

You can get better quality leads by paying attention to your participants’ behavior at your venue. The data collected from events also has a higher volume of personal data – great for making a customer feel special when they see your customized campaign later!

Collect relevant information

If you are selling power tools to construction workers, there is no need to collect information about their hygiene habits or the number of kids they have! Rapidly transforming relevant information that information into value-added services and prioritizing leads for follow-ups can lead to stellar conversion rates!