How Radio Advertising Can Help Home Enterprises?


How Radio Advertising Can Help Home Enterprises?

Radio- a blend of information and entertainment since ages!

Radio (the niche infotainment) is an age-old medium of conveying information to the masses, in addition to entertainment and news. Even in the era when the TV had not come into existence, radio sets were prevalent in many affluent households as a means of infotainment.

These days, the potential of radios has changed quite much. There are various radio channels these days that have a different forte. Some just play English songs, some just play contemporary Bollywood songs, some play classic Hindi songs from the Golden Bollywood cinema and some are there for news dispersal, basically.

People have started to become loyal to some radio programmes and hear to them on the daily basis.

A study shows that 90% of radio listening occasions among loyal station listeners don’t involve switching!

There is a niche audience that is catered to by radio channels and networks. The shows are designed and planned as per the timings that a niche audience is supposed to tune into a specific radio channel.

But what’s common to all these radio channels is commercials that the radio channels survive on.

Targeting the radio set to market yourself

The sole revenue of radios (apart from ownership) is advertising. They rely on advertising for main revenue. RJ mentions is the means how radios advertise. RJ’s talk about a product, service or a TV show to promote it in between their shows.

Also, as the show goes into commercial, the commercial ads that the consumer hears makes a lot of impact on how to consumer acts, thenceforth.
Radio advertising is an indispensable agent of marketing and is pretty much effective as it reaches to a very wide customer base.

With catchy jingles and catchphrases, advertising by the word of mouth on radio is a great way to advertise.

Right from the working middle classes to taxi drivers, from rickshaw pullers to elitist of people, almost everyone hears to radio channels as per their taste and time they have.

Yes, there have risen better ways of advertising and marketing on social media platforms, but radio is such a versatile means that it will never go out of trend, really.

Statistics also show how unavoidable an advertisement by the radio means is. It cannot be avoided and is engaging and the listener gets super engrossed.
Project conducted by RAB (Radio Advertising Bureau) and IAB (internet advertising bureau) revealed that:

“57% people said that after listening about a product on radio, they searched for it on the internet; and 39% people agreed to being prompted to search for something after hearing about it on the radio.”

Radio advertising specialized for home-based enterprises

Every person who starts a business aims at achieving the ultimate goal: becoming successful and the number one in the game; even if started on a small scale.

Especially home-based enterprises. These are not only small businesses but an emotion. Many people start a small business right out at their home as a mere hobby or due to unfortunate financial crunch.


Old retro radio on table with vintage green eye light background

The number one reason home based enterprises should go for radio advertising which will spread by word is the cost effectiveness of this means. It requires small fund and can reach a wide population of people.

Practiced to extremities by housewives who want to break free of the shackles and do something of their own; even if it means opening up a little tiffin centre from their small, cutesy kitchens. Home-based enterprises are not restricted at all, and can move sky high, if the advertising is done right.

For instance, the aforementioned example of a woman opening up a tiffin service right out of her home kitchen is impressive and if advertised on the radio (read: in the right manner), it can work wonders for a little business.

It can be aired during the morning time when professionals are rushing to their workplaces, promising them a home cooked meal at all times, at whatever place they deem fit.

It will cater to the audience that will be benefited by it and also be beneficial to the women who started the thing.

And, the frequency at which the whole thing is broadcasted will bring a positive impact in the mind of the consumer regarding a product and he will be intrigued to use it further, or at least see what the whole thing is about, achieving your goal of increasing the way the product reaches out to people.

Thus, you see, radio advertising is for the home-based business and it’s just you need the right direction to make it happen and happening!

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