General FAQ's

I am on the Gainbuzz website. How do I proceed further?

As you Google Gainbuzz and enter the official website of Gainbuzz, you will have two options; either to ‘Sign In’, if you have a previously made account with Gainbuzz, or click on ‘Get Started’(at the right corner), to set up a new account as an advertiser, media seller or service provider to move further.After you have filled in the form, our executives will get in touch with you either through email or callin a matter of moments. Once your verification is done,you will be provided with your login ID and password via email to access Gainbuzz in no time.

In what media categories does Gainbuzz operate?

It operates in Outdoor, Radio, Print, Digital, Cinema, Events & Transit

What is Gainbuzz?

Gainbuzz is an Online Platform to connect media buyers and sellers with marketplace applications enabling faster, smarter and better media planning and buying.It can help the brands achieve their goal of reaching the Target Audience by helping them choose the right media mix & create a buzz It brings the entire media sales process online so the brands can discover advertising opportunities, connect with media owners and plan their integrated Ad campaign on single platform. That means less emails, fewer phone calls and a faster turnaround