Is a broker, agency, buying service or marketplace?

No. is a “Digital Platform? that powers transactions between advertisers/brands and media owners. Our online platform supports you and your team by making it easier to find, plan, and purchase various media. Once, you are ready to accept a proposal, you will sign a media contract & negotiate directly with the Media Owner via

Does Out-of-Home advertising work?

Yes! OOH is effective at targeting both B2B & B2C audiences whether it is for driving brand awareness or increasing purchase intent. You can read more studies about OOH effectiveness by visiting on Internet.

What is OOH?

Out-of-Home, Outdoor or OOH advertising is advertising that appears outside the home and includes a broad range of advertising media including Bulletins, billboards, Digital billboards, walls capes, pole kiosks, gantry and even skywriting. You’re likely to see OOH advertising any time you travel, commute, or walk out of your front door.