Did you hear us?

“Akhbaar ho ya cinema, radio ho ya hoarding, Ab Aasaan Hai Advertising “ – Radio City

Gainbuzz Inc has tuned to music by launching its campaign “Ab Aasaan Hai Advertising” on Radio City 91.1 FM. In between your favourite songs you can hear our Jingles harmonizing to the songs.

The radio jingle is to show how easy it is to advertise now through Gainbuzz.com where you can just click and book your favourite media assets. Our aim through this jingle was to reach thousands of ears of people, and realize that advertising is now accessible for anyone and everyone from a personal computer or a mobile phone. We made this jingle to highlight that Gainbuzz Inc is not exclusive for one set of people but it is to make advertising for everyone. That’s correct; our motto is, “to make advertising simpler, affordable and available to everyone.”

Gainbuzz Inc’s billboard advertising proved to be a successful campaign and to enhance that accomplishment we included our radio campaign “Ab Aasaan Hai Advertising” in it too. Together they proved to work like a charm like any campaign would.

Now you also can book your favourite media asset, or book multiple of different media assets ranging from print to radio and make the combination work for you too. Click and Book your media assets through Gainbuzz and in return save your time & money. If you face any difficulty support team is always here to assist you through the process of acquiring media assets.

Gainbuzz Inc is a place where both advertisers and media owners co-exist on the same platform making it easier and faster to communicate between the two. So let’s get rid of the drudgery in booking media assets, let’s explore the easy advertising options through Gainbuzz.com “Kyunki Ab Aasaan Hai Advertising”.


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