Cricket moves the fans and Ads & media spend around it moves the businesses as well as the economy

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Cricket moves the fans and Ads & media spend around it moves the businesses as well as the economy

Strategic advertising has become essential in product promotion. There are a lot of sub categories one needs to look at before producing or publishing an ad. In the previous two blogs we have talked about how Logos are important in your promotions as they give an identity to your product, be sure to check them out here. This blog talks about advertising revenue and boost in economy during ICC T20 world cup.

ICC T20 World Cup has all the eyes are on the televisions sets. But the subject of ICC T20 is not only limited to place where it’s telecasted. It is much larger and much more inclusive. Advertisements have been seen on taking the opportunity of this sport and using it to make their ads to stand out, surely ICC T20 World Cup made fantastic ‘Mauka Mauka’ ad that revolved around the ever present excitement during India vs Pakistan Cricket matches but they weren’t the only one to use cricket for advertising.

Other brands too have joined the rally and are using the ‘Cricket Season’ as the subject for their product promotion. One such example is Grofers. Apart from Grofers giving a 20% (the same number as T20 overs) discount, they also have made creative with ICC T20 World Cup in mind. They have become quite popular as a new age business with impactful branding by their ad subject being ‘T20 Snacks Store’ and #wegetit motto.

The surprise also came from Google as they advertised their Google Search Engine services using cricket as their subject. Along with their much loved doodles their campaign called ‘Answers Made easy’ has gained quite popularity for its humor.

ICC T20 World Cup also helped Star India to get great revenue of over ₹300 crores. Brands like Flipkart, PepsiCo, Cadbury’s Dairy Milk, Kurkure, OPPO, Nissan, Airtel are the brands which have made the advertising slot full for the match hours. OPPO’s out of home marketing strategy, has made the brand even more prevalent.

The idea is to be visible because the subject ‘Cricket Season’ can automatically trigger a response from the audience as most us are somehow connected to the cricket games and hence it is important to advertise during times like that.

It wasn’t also surprising to see that the advertising rates sky rocketed during this ‘Cricket Season’ because it isn’t just limited to cricket but also has ‘Holi’ and ‘IPL’ following it. It is estimated that advertisers have spent between ₹2500 and ₹3000 crores on both on ground and on air sponsorships for the back to back T20 action. We all know that ‘Cricket Season’ is enjoyed by all and the entire nation’s attention and excitement is towards the cricket match. The ‘Cricket Season’ also gives a huge boost to businesses empowering the economy; food business especially sees this boom first hand by giving services like matches being played on their large screens while packed food and beverage industry experience a greater turnover in sells, home appliance also sees a great rise in this situation and telecom sectors see a notable hike in their services being used more. It also sees an increased investments in advertising, this investment has seen a 15.5% increase in 2016 touching ₹57,486 crore.

The conclusion is that the advertising on the right time can benefit to the fullest. You can read how much was spent on marketing during Christmas Season here. Let’s see how the advertising picks up during IPL and Olympics.

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