Creating Logo – Part I – The Beginning


Creating Logo – Part I – The Beginning

It has been present since time immemorial. From before the Common Era (BCE) to the contemporary times. Today, it has the tag of utmost importance stuck to it. It takes the birth when a company comes into existence and its prevalence has made it into an essential piece. The vital entity that I am talking about today is the company “Logo”. Logo is a term not solely made for companies but the value of logo in a commercial structure is so widespread that the term automatically triggers the notion of business or a commerce infrastructure. This blog will talk about how we can approach in making a Logo, so a little bit on prior preparation and the process of creating it.

It has always been a crucial object. Because your logo creates the first impression, any visual advertisement or a letter usually has your logo on it and that logo builds your brand value. Creating logo is a challenging task and a designer always takes time in it. Most of the times logos are created by a third party designer who knows how to use certain programs to create a logo, and couple of times you might want the logo to be a bit different but you don’t know how to say it. So, here is a list of things you should look out for in your logo for a dense idea of company’s work. This guide is for both advertisers and designers.


Information and more information: This is the very first step in creating a logo. Try to get out as much information as possible from the client about the product and how they want to represent it. This sketch will be the foundation to your logo making.

Understand the brand

This is the crux of any logo. The idea of brand should be interpreted in the image itself. Well sometimes people go with typography only, for example Coca-Cola and FedEx but these too have hidden meanings in them. For example Coke has Danish Flag (the happiest country in the world) which wasn’t initially intended in it and FedEx has an arrow pointing forward in it. You can create an appropriate logo for a brand when you know about the brand.

Extensive Research

Well this is obvious to any designer. But it had to be mentioned because it holds a great importance to create a logo. Conduct a research on the industry itself, the competitors, research on the history of the industry and brand. This in turn will help you to create a more impactful logo.


This is mainly for designers. You have to take breaks throughout the design process. You have to take a break to reflect on your design, this will make your idea more mature and the enthusiasm will stay with you. Create a logo, take a small break go back to it and see if that it really works. Upgrade if you think there are improvements, scrap it if you think it is not related at all. Hey, when I say scrap it don’t tear it into pieces and throw it in the dustbin.

Don’t throw it in the dustbin

If the logo you created didn’t work for a company then you don’t have to just discard it. Keep it, save it in your archives because you never know the logo that didn’t work for the current company might be the best representation of another in the future.


This does not mean plagiarism. But necessary research into logo designs that have been successful and current styles and trends will help in generating new and fresh ideas. Getting references does not make you mechanical it powers your creativity.

Those were some rudiments in logo making. Be sure to check out our next blog on the required aspects for a perfect logo.

To be continued…

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