Bus Shelter Advertisements: Annoying or Impactful?

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Bus Shelter Advertisements: Annoying or Impactful?

Bus Shelter Advertisement

People spend a lot of money on bus shelter advertisements. Some see it just as another advertisement, but they are so much more. This amazing advertising medium is very powerful. Some of these advertisements are nothing more than a poster behind class, but there are other bus shelters that become part of the advertisement. Some people may think that they are annoying and destroy the beauty of their city, but this is not all the people. Advertising companies that advertise at the bus shelters understand the strong impact this form of advertising has on people.


Many advertising companies have learned of the errors of their predecessors and have made changes to the way that they advertise. These changes have done wonders for these bus shelter advertisements. While not all bus shelters are that great, many advertisers have made changes to their advertisements to make them more appealing. Other advertising companies have created many appealing advertisements that do appeal to the people, and stay in people’s minds.

Great things about bus shelter advertisement

One of the great things about advertising using a bus shelter is the ability to add sound effects and images to it. One advertising campaign that did such a thing was not trying to sell anything. It was a public service announcement in Scotland that gets the word out about lung cancer and the dangers of smoking. At this bus shelter, there would be an audio clip that would randomly while people are waiting for the bus. This audio also mentioned that if a person has had a cough for over three weeks, they should visit their doctor. This public health campaign ran for three weeks, but it was super impactful.