“Ab Aasaan Hai Advertising” with Gainbuzz.com

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“Ab Aasaan Hai Advertising” with Gainbuzz.com

A month ago Gainbuzz launched its campaign “Ab Aasaan Hai Advertising” and the response was extraordinary to say the very least. Well, our outdoor advertising campaign is still going on quite strong and more people are getting to know the brand and we are content to see the results but it is not enough. Gainbuzz has aims to reach further out in the world of media planning to a point where an individual doesn’t have to worry about media assets for advertising campaign. An advertising world so accessible and easy to use that the only thing necessary to do is to log in and explore the options and opportunities – that’s where we are headed.

Our Aim

Booking media assets for advertising has always proved to be a difficult task; ads are already tough to make because it has to have an impact value. If this wasn’t enough you also face the nightmare of  booking media assets which usually proves to be an even trickier job with the chain of command in between you and the media assets’ owners – not just long but also time consuming and expensive.

The focal point of our ad campaign is to not just remove the clutter from middle but also to introduce technological advancement in advertising to the point where booking media assets can be done online from your desk saving the precious time and money for your advertising campaign.

Gainbuzz is designed in such a way that managing all aspects of media i.e. locating it to booking it can be done from one place.

Our aim is to make media management online and advertising accessible by everyone and anyone from a personal computer or a mobile phone.

Is it you first time advertising? You shall not worry because media queries are always welcomed here on Gainbuzz. The support team is always there at every step.

That’s why we did an outdoor campaign to reveal the groundbreaking features in advertising world to anyone who wants to advertise. Check out our billboards which were to spread the word. There’s a lot of excitement to be followed real soon.

Even though an entity with a B2B perspective, we also have opened the doors to advertising for individual advertisers who are restricted by stringent budgets. Anyone can use our services that will assist them in promote their brand at the right place.

Now, anyone can experience our motto “Ab Aasaan Hai Advertising” – Just go to the site & click on “GET STARTED” and start exploring your preferred media today.


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