A detailed guide to creating a successful print ad campaign in today’s digital world

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A detailed guide to creating a successful print ad campaign in today’s digital world

Yes, print ads are effective just like online ads – only they work in different ways. One issue for digital ads today is that that Google has adblocking software now. So if you are looking to bombard customers, some advertisements will still be displayed, but nowhere as many as there were before. This can cause an issue for companies that thrive off the income from online advertisements. Where do we go from here? WE need to get creative in our marketing campaigns.

Print media is tangible, it is possible to physically touch a print advert. Ironically, as the internet of things is on the rise, digital marketing alone is increasingly becoming less effective because of the sheer volume of content online.  When a person touches an item, it creates somewhat of a tiny hook in their mind with that item. It can be fleeting, but during those few seconds that they are holding the item you need to reach out and grab them as a savvy advertiser. You do this by creating good content an integrated marketing strategy.

How digital works

There are a few things that online advertising does that makes them very effective. These things generally relate around the ability to track, analyze and gather big data. Online advertising is highly targeted. Big data, or data science, can tell how a person will more than likely respond to a given situation. They make predictions using inferential statistics on past user behaviour. After marketers make their predictions they use the data that was gleaned to better advertise to the consumer. On the other hand, the similar tools exist for print media but at a less complex level. The details may not be as thorough as with online advertising, but it is a start and such analytics will only continue to grow. Calculating which population group would be more interested in your goods or service is one of the smartest things you can do, no matter what the advertising medium you use.

Print media can be highly successful because the readers of a print media are not being bombarded with items that are cluttering up or displaying over the items you are trying to reach/watch. We will discuss this in further detail at the end of this article.

How print fits into the current marketing world

Disregard anyone that tells you that advertising in print media is a waste. You may not want to make it your primary method for gaining customers, but print media is a solid pillar of the advertising world. This is illistrated by the fact that newspaper advertising continues to thrive in such a chaotic marketing world. However, sometimes, the only way to find out how successful something is, is to try it out. It would still be wise to use both print and digital adertising formats to get more people to learn about your brand. Regardless, there is one thing you cannot compromise on when thinking about advertising anywhere, be it print, online or broadcast – your product quality!

Why your product quality matters

There is no guarantee that any advertisement will convince people to buy your goods or services. The only thing that a magazine advertisement can guarantee is that it will get your message in front of people. It is your responsibility to have something in your message that will make people want your goods or services. If you decide to sell emergency supplies at a major discount in Florida during hurricane season, you might get a few phone calls. IF your emergency supply kit is full of counterfeit, low quality items, people will quickly learn not to trust your brand. You have to know your audience and more importantly, fulfill your brand promises to them. No amount for good advertising will make up for a low-quality product or service.

Print advertising is surviving and thriving today.

Print media continues to be very successful for many companies. There are regional magazines and local newspapers. With both of these  channels, you can reach your intended target consumers easily. Magazines and newspapers are doing what they can to survive and increase readership. Since they are working so hard to retain and increase their circulation, advertisers should take advantage of this and advertise in their periodicals. It is the newspaper and magazine companies that are spending the big bucks to gain readership. This is a major benefit for busy marketers who have money but no time to hunt for individual prospects.

Current research shows that many print magazines service niche markets. It could be something as simple as quilters to dog lovers to those who live off the grid. This niche market makes advertising to the people you want to read your advert much simpler. Selling a boutique bridal product? Advertise in a wedding magazine! Other niche magazines would be business to business magazines. These can show how well their current market is performing. A trade magazine is also a prime channel for a company to advertise and offer its services to another company. These business to business periodicals can introduce a company’s goods and services to one they did not know existed or knew that they needed.

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