7 Hacks to optimize your magazine advertisement

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7 Hacks to optimize your magazine advertisement

Businesses pay a lot of money to get their advertisements into premium print media such as magazines. It makes sense, then, that business owners and marketing heads do everything they can in order to ensure that they are optimizing these advertisements to get the best possible returns. Here are seven hacks to help your team put out the best possible magazine advertisement:


One important thing to remember in any print advertising really – but even more so in magazine advertising – is that you need to verify the placement of your advertisement within the periodical. If your advert is placed in a section that your target readers are not reading much, then your money gets wasted because the right people would not be seeing your advert despite . You may have a good chuckle when this happens to your competitor’s advertisements if they did not practice their due diligence in placing their advert right. Never forget though, that your brand is not immune to such goof-ups.  Improper placement may not just be the result of your advertisement being placed on a low-traffic page. Even if you are placed on a high-readership page, but your advertisement is placed next to a sensitive story which is seemingly related, you could get into a lot of hot water with angry readers.

Know your customer

Pick up the magazine and read it before commissioning an advertisement!. You can learn a lot about the people that read the magazine this way. You want to make sure that wherever you are advertising, there will be readers who are interested in your product or services. You probably do not want to sell a machete in a quilting magazine, or alcohol in a religious publication. Knowing your customer allows you to save money and put your money where your customers are.

Craft a good media kit

Research has shown that advertisers who request a media kit from the magazine companies will have more of a handle on the publication. The media kit has information is about the magazine’s readership, their distribution, the demographics of where the magazines are purchased the most, among other things. This media kit will also help you ‘know your customer’ as we discussed earlier. A media kit will also help you determine specifics like the days with the highest readership rates so you can plan your magazine advertisement campaign for maximum impact.

Advertise to your market

When you use the media kit and discover the demographics of the readers, you can then design your advert to meet the likes and wants of those readers. The same basic advertisement can be designed from a different angle each time so that it fits the publication in which it will appear. This would make it easier for a person with specific interests to stop and take a closer look at your advertisement. Many television commercials rely on the same concept. Take a commercial for a vehicle for example. It is the exact same commercial in different countries, even the same words being spoken in the commercial. The only difference would be the people in the commercial will be from the same country that the commercial is played in – making the commercial instantly relatable for the locals. Play to the needs, aspirations and wants of your target demographics for maximum impact.

Look for the best price

So, you know your readers, you have an advertisement that will blow their socks off, and you are over budget! Since we live in the real world you will need to keep your costs down. If you want to be to keep the costs down you will need to find the best deals that magazines offer. You must ask the magazine advertising department for a price sheet. Better yet, ask for deals that are not listed on the price sheet. Honestly, this should be one of the firsts tasks you undertake when reaching out to a magazine to advertise with them. What is the point of doing all the work, then, finding out you cannot run the advert because it is out of your price range?

Keep track of your analytics

You know your customers, you have customers coming in, you have customers calling to inquire about prices. Your job is done, right? NOT! In the real-world, companies need to keep track of their clients. This is where you get ahead of the competition by paying attention to the analytics. This would help determine if any increased customer interest  is based on the magazine ads or if the traffic is coming from another channel such as word of mouth. For this reason, you should check with your analytics regularly in order to gauge the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns, so you can optimize your marketing spend on ads that work.

Color some graphics

Sometimes it is important to speak with the magazine as well as your designer to decide how well certain colors will work in the publication. In some cases, colors can clash with one another and create an eye sore. You want your brand represented in the best possible light. One of the easiest items that you can control is the color of your copy. After color, the next thing you should do is decide on the graphics and images that you want inside your advertisement. Whatever you do, make sure that the visuals are used with impact and do not distract from the main message your are trying to convey in your print ads.

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