5 Tips For Achieving Business Goal With Print Media

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5 Tips For Achieving Business Goal With Print Media

A few decades back, the world of entertainment was limited to the print media. Newspapers, comics, magazines, weeklies, etc. were trending more. Since then print media is one of the finest ways of marketing.

The competition is increasing day by day, whether it is a product based business or a service based business. The number of companies are increasing and thus the competition. According to the report by Euro Commerce there are more than 5.4 million enterprises only in Europe. Also it states that 3.6 million companies deal with retailing and the rest 1.8 million companies deal as wholesalers.

It is necessary to be seen to your customers in all the possible ways. The modern media marketing i.e. digital marketing is growing with the growth in the number of Internet users. Simultaneously, media planning and buying strategy of print media is catching up a good grip into the market.

Print media includes newspapers, magazines, flyers, hoardings, banners, etc. Does this all make up a perfect recipe for marketing your business? The answer is a big YES..! Let’s explore five useful tips to achieve your business goals with print media.

1. Be Creative:

As mentioned above the number of companies are increasing day by day. Every company is trying its level best to advertise themselves and in this herd of sheep, you need to stand out to be remembered by your customers.

The best way to be remembered by your clients is to be in the discussion. To be in the discussion you need to plan out something very creative to advertise yourself. You may try out some good quotes or funny emoticons. Something that will hit a person’s mind at first sight. Your large discounts or an offer or a lucky draw giving them a chance to win an international trip may hammer their minds. Get an idea of the best creative and interactive ads.

2. Select best places to put your ads:

One of the major benefits of print media is to get directly to your targeted audience. With the tactics like hoardings, flyers, etc. it becomes easy to be seen to a particular group of people. Thus it becomes necessary that you put your advertisement in the right place.

To help you out with such services an online portal called Gainbuzz has been started. Gainbuzz connects the buyers and the sellers of the hoardings in your city. The buyers can get a lot of hoarding sellers in the best parts of the city.

The major benefit of starting such a platform is that you can find all the sellers on the same platform. This increases competition for the sellers and thus the buyers get the services at the best rates. Moreover, Gainbuzz helps you by keeping an eye on the hoarding up to the date of contract expiration. This ensures that you get proper service for what you pay.

3. Keep a track record and analyze well:

Once you advertise at many places in the first round, now it is time to take a look at the results. You need to analyze as of which method is working good for your business. For this analysis, you can ask your new arriving customers about where they found you.

This will give you a clear idea as to which method is working well. Moreover, you need to calculate your ROI – Return of Investment. The ratio of the amount you earn because of advertising to the amount you invest in advertising should be balanced. Read more on keeping a track record of a marketing campaign.

If a particular method is not giving you high ROI, you must need to plan for alternate methods. This may show up some good results and ultimately will help you increase your sales.

4. Integrated Marketing Communications:

IMC also know as Integrated Marketing Communications is one of the most crucial parts of marketing. This concept of marketing suggests having a coordination in all the forms of marketing you do. Whether you put up an add on a huge hoarding or give an advertisement in the local daily newspaper, it is important to have a coordination between them.

Experts always suggest having a unique theme and some special characters in your advertisements to make them consistent. This will help you develop a clear image of your brand or your product on your customer’s mind.

5. Know your audience:

If you are an English reader and what if someone presents this article to you in a language that you do not understand like French, German, etc. You will surely leave the article aside and move ahead, right? The same could be the case in your advertisements as well.

Thus, it is important to know your customers. The aspects that you should keep in mind are their languages, age groups, intelligence level, etc. If you present some hi-fi life quotes to a kinder garden student, it is of no use. Similarly, if you put some funny cartoon characters in an ad for adults, it will show less impact. Read a report by Marketing Land to know your audience.

After knowing your customers, their mindset and their needs, you can get the exact idea of what to advertise, where and when.

This is what makes your print media advertising a grand success and you can achieve your business goals by it. Print media has a very strong base and holds equal importance these days as well. It is up to you, how better you utilize the print media.

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