5 Key Aspects of Media Planning For Better Outcomes

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5 Key Aspects of Media Planning For Better Outcomes

Key Aspects Of Media Planning

Every business success stories apart from unique features have an unnoticed media planning, and media advertising. It is true that products do have unique selling points that get them success but product visibility is deciding factor too. For utmost visibility one must sit down and carefully work on media planning and media advertising – and believe us it is a process that is both rigorous and rewarding.

Here are some key aspects you should remember while drafting your media plan for better outcomes.

Target Audience

Deciding target audience is the primary job. You have to analyze your product and decide a specific Audience it will best cater to. For example Play Station 3 or any other console game is not for toddlers it is advisable not to make a media advertisement that sends message like that. Hence first and foremost choose your target audience and then make the advertisement based on “what will attract whom?” principle.

Meaningful Message

Media planning deals with media advertising and media advertising is all about the message. The decisive factor of success and fail between two companies catering the same product is the message that they propagate. There are plenty of failures too because the message that was trying to be sent did not a) suit the taste of the people or b) did not match with the product. In both the cases the results are calamitous. Hence, always make it a point that your media planning and media advertising spreads a message which is likeable to the people and suiting to the product.

Advertise in the Right Places

Not all Media Assets for Advertising are best for you. You need to choose the Right Places for media advertising on the basis of your target audience. Choosing the right places for media advertising will generate a higher conversion rate from audience to consumer. So choose the places that match the product and target audience.

Diversify your Media Platforms

Diversified media planning is important for better reach, impact and recall value. This includes choosing different media platforms for a higher recall value. If you have multiple platforms showcasing your media advertisement then there is higher chance of getting a) more audience because now there are more media platforms for wider reach and b) better recall value because now the media advertisement was showcased on two platforms increasing repetition and creating impact.

Monitor Your Ads

This is the final step and a really important one too. Monitoring and analyzing campaigns will assist you in the next drafting of media plans and media advertising. One way to achieve this is to ask your customers where they got to know about the product or the company. This will give you an investment insight. Next time you can decide which media platform was most successful on the basis of monitoring and use that more. So always track, analyze to optimize your media planning and media advertising.

Media planning and buying should be done while keeping these basic features in mind. Always try to optimize media planning for better results. These key features will make your media planning and media advertising successful.

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