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    Radio Advertising

    Even in today’s digital era, there are over 300 million people who tune into the radio each and every day. It clearly states that Radio advertising is still one of the best medium of advertising. It is psychological fact that sound is stored in the memory more efficiently than the written word. The spoken word on radio offers emotions than print media advertising. It encourages the listener’s imagination to produce their own desirable image of a product. Radio can be considered as the theatre of the mind. Advertiser may choose more than one channel, duration, and time (prime time or normal) of the ad according to the budget and target audience. As the ads will only be audible, you save plenty of expenses of camera equipment, wardrobes, actors, sets, etc. You can utilize the remaining amount to maximize the duration or replay of radio ad. Gainbuzz radio advertising provides you platform to promote your product or service on multiple radio channels. You can choose the appropriate radio channel according to your budget and your target audience.