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Frontend Engineering

User experience on our applications is created mainly for seamless function with excellent usability. Our UI team designs systems to ensure that work well on any device and performance on the frontend is fast and users on any connection have the best experience.


Backend Engineering

Our team uses every popular data management system, we have experience in using both RDBMS and Big Data often in combination on the same project as needed. Out forte is using Azure, AWS and Google Cloud systems for web applications written with .Net, Java and PHP.



We have been building popular apps for Android and iPhone platform since the inception of these platforms. We have also built our own apps as well, so we know better what is the best for you based on your requirements.



Our dedicated DevOps team ensures the systems we deploy on the cloud are managed professionally and function flawlessly. We are in the process of partnering with multiple could services providers.



A professional testing team makes the difference between systems that work sometimes and systems that work all the time. We take pride in our experienced testing team that ensures our systems are always available and deliver predictable performance at all times.