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We help you create excellent Request for Proposals. With Gainbuzz you have all the tools you need to create detailed RFPs and efficiently manage the proposals you receive. The platform takes a refined approach towards creating an RFP, enabling you to cover all your media and asset requirements in a simplified fashion. We bring transparency and efficiency to communicate between your brand and the media asset owner, enabling business relations to develop and sustain. Explore efficient RFP management with us!

GainBuzz RFP management feature

Browse Media Assets

Hunt for the best AdSpotsTM here on Gainbuzz and find suitable media assets for your advertising campaign.

GainBuzz RFP management feature

Shortlist Media Assets

Handpick your AdSpotsTM, add it to your shortlist - analyse all your favourite AdSpotsTM and edit the list anytime you want to.

GainBuzz RFP management feature

Create RFP

Once you have favourites then all you have to do is make an RFP (Request for Proposal) where you can mention every details of your desired ad campaign. From your preferred locations and strategies to the allocation of budget can be stated here.

GainBuzz RFP management feature

Receive proposal

So RFP will go to their respective media asset owner and they will respond to your RFP with their terms & conditions. You can further negotiate after receiving a proposal.

GainBuzz RFP management for everyone

One RFP for everything

RFP (request for Proposal) contains all the options that are necessary in advertising. Create single RFP instead of multiple RFPs for different media asset owners – just shortlist your favourites AdSpotsTM and it will go to the respective media owners.

Allocate Budget

Now you can specify budget for each type of media assets. This gives a wider perspective to your campaign strategy as now you can choose how much you desire to spend on one type of media assets.

GainBuzz RFP allocate budget
GainBuzz RFP management share

Share your RFP

You can also share your RFP to others too. Just type the receivers’
e-mail ids and click on send.