GainBuzz proposal content for buying and selling ads

Gainbuzz simplifies the process of responding to the RFPs for your media assets. We give you a superb proposal design that can be easily edited to craft an excellent media proposal. We help you in making the process simpler and quicker, all you need to do is upload your inventory and create a proposal by entering the details of the available media assets. It’s quick, it’s easy, it’s simple and it’s super effective. Draft proposals like never before. Start now!

GainBuzz proposal feature

Receive RFP

Advertisers will shortlist a set of AdSpotsTM to advertise on and you will receive their RFP (Request for Proposal) where details related to dates and budget will be mentioned by the Advertiser.

GainBuzz proposal feature

Propose Price & Assets

You can negotiate too, and not just that but you can also suggest different media assets according to brand’s needs from your inventory of AdSpotsTM.

GainBuzz proposal feature

Quick Send

Once you finalize your proposal you can just forward it to the Advertiser with a specific budget and an Expiration date for the proposal.

GainBuzz proposal feature

Seal the Deal

The deal can be finalized after the negotiations are completed between media seller and the Advertiser. You can use various payment options available both online and offline here on Gainbuzz.

GainBuzz asset proposal

Create a fresh proposal

You can now create a new proposal for brands you have already worked with. Propose your price and availability of media assets.

Suggest media assets

Apart from suggesting media assets in a fresh proposal you can also add them as suggestions in the received RFP.

GainBuzz proposal for asset media suggest
GainBuzz proposal for media buying and selling

Share Proposal

You can share proposals to third parties as well by typing the recipient’s e-mail id.