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GainBuzz is designed to make media selling efficient and easier than ever. We give you a platform to showcase all your media channels globally and attract the right clientele. We understand the relationship you want to build with advertisers and have created an ecosystem that nurtures it and helps it grow. GainBuzz gives you access to a secure and reliable network of advertisers, enhancing the efficacy of the process and generating better revenue streams for your business. Tap into the limitless possibilities of media selling with GainBuzz.

GainBuzz media seller feature – manage asset

Manage media assets

Managing media assets have always proved to be a challenging task with a ton of paper trail and tracking. GainBuzz has brought all crucial aspects of media Assets Management online. The customised Dashboard will point out all.

GainBuzz media seller feature - Upload AdSpots

Upload AdSpotsTM

AdSpotTM is our unique way of exchange which has been created to easily keep a track of media assets. Upload your AdSpotsTM on GainBuzz with necessary details. Once uploaded, You will have your media.

GainBuzz media seller feature - Receive RFP

Receive RFP

When a brand shortlists your AdSpotsTM and proceeds towards advertising on that, you will receive an RFP (Request for Proposal) from the brand itself. You can analyse them and create your proposal for.

GainBuzz media seller feature - Customize your proposal

Customize your proposal

Time is crucial. You can make a suitable proposal to the received RFP and mention your terms and conditions along with suggestions. To make it more time efficient we have introduced expiration date.

Easy E-Management

The Dashboard is an innovative feature for Media Sellers. You can easily keep a track of your media assets using GainBuzz. The Dashboard displays Inquiries, Auctions, Bookings and Offers. You can also inspect more details by clicking on each tab.

GainBuzz media seller e-management
GainBuzz geotargeting, sync everywhere


Now you exactly pin point the location of your media assets. Upload your AdSpotsTM instantly using GainBuzz Mobile App, fill out the details with pictures of the media assets and find your AdSpotsTM on our integrated map.

On the App

Keep tracks of your media assets anytime and anywhere using GainBuzz App? You can download it on your phone and easily manage and govern your AdSpotsTM for better and faster business operations. It is to optimize utilization of time for added benefits.

GainBuzz marketplace for media seller on the app
GainBuzz marketplace for media seller on the app

Enter the Big Loop

You can get into and experience the Big Loop of marketing and advertising where you can increase your reach using GainBuzz. Here you can build and strengthen your client reach and expand as a business organization. GainBuzz is made to make advertising sector bigger, easier and quicker.

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