General FAQ's

Gainbuzz is an Online Platform to connect media buyers and sellers with marketplace applications enabling faster, smarter and better media planning and buying.It can help the brands achieve their goal of reaching the Target Audience by helping them choose the right media mix & create a buzz It brings the entire media sales process online so the brands can discover advertising opportunities, connect with media owners and plan their integrated Ad campaign on single platform. That means less emails, fewer phone calls and a faster turnaround

It operates in Outdoor, Radio, Print, Digital, Cinema, Events & Transit

As you Google Gainbuzz and enter the official website of Gainbuzz, you will have two options; either to ‘Sign In’, if you have a previously made account with Gainbuzz, or click on ‘Get Started’(at the right corner), to set up a new account as an advertiser, media seller or service provider to move further.After you have filled in the form, our executives will get in touch with you either through email or callin a matter of moments. Once your verification is done,you will be provided with your login ID and password via email to access Gainbuzz in no time.

Advertiser refers to the person, entity, organizations who want to promote a product or a service and reach the target audience, and places an advertisement to do so. An advertiser, in literal sense is someone will buy an advertising space from a media seller to promote their product out to the consumer and relay the efficacy of their product to the consumer.

Media sellers sellers are the people, agencies or organizations who own the traditional media (Out of home, print publication & radio spot,) spaces. They rent/lease/sell these space to the advertisers for a specified period of time in order to help them reach out to the public/consumer. They also indulge in advertising and other media providing services.

Finally, Service providers, on the other handare basically the people (digital and offset printers & mounters) who manage your media well so you don’t have to really kill yourself on the printing and mounting part.

As you insert your login ID and password, you will be redirected to the Dashboard of your account, from where you can manage your whole account and the way it works. You manage all your advertising needs and work from the Dashboard.

As you log in with your ID and password, you enter the Dashboard mode of your account.

The menu is divided in 2 distinct variants

  • 1. The drop-down menu (on the left side, just beside the Gainbuzz logo)
  • 2. The visual menu ( the colourful menu spread at the top-front of the page on dashboard)

The drop down menu will come to life as you scroll to the masthead of Gainbuzz and place your cursor on it.

The drop down menu will expand with a list of

  • Assets
  • Marketplace
  • Transacts
  • Campaigns
  • Manage
  • Vault

The visual menu, denoted in different colours, namely,

  • Campaigns (Dark blue)
  • Share campaign (Green)
  • Booking (Red)
  • Offer (Yellow)
  • Proposal (Light blue)

All these sub-divisions of both the menus will be studied to detail in the following questions to come.

1. Now that you have got a hold of the drop-down menu, place your cursor on the menu, you will see the option of ‘Assets’ there.

2. Click on ‘Assets’, which will lead to 2 sub-divisions, namely, ‘Media Assets’ and ‘Transactions’.

3. Click on ‘Browse Assets’. From there, you will be directed to a new page, on top of which, you will come across 2 search bars.

4. One is named ‘Find Assets’, and the other is named ‘Enter a location’. As you enter your desired location, you will have a list of prospective assets.

For an instance, you are an FMCG brand and are looking to put up hoardings for Diwali campaign at three locations in Ahmedabad- Satellite, Kalupur and Bodakdev. So, you will ideally proceed by entering the name of these locations in the search box and then, short list the suitable ones from the popped up results of assets. This will show you plausible options in an organized list. When you put the cursor on the image, 'view more' option will appear. Check out the asset for the summary, details or map view. Also, in the right corner just beside the search option, a little down, there is further detailed search option. You can click and check the assets for availability, created on, asset name and AdSpots. You can also check the assets in Grid form or map form.

  • Heart - Add to campaign

  • Loudspeaker - Message the Gainbuzz executive for your query

  • Blow horn - Add spot request (check for the availability)

  • Star - Number of people who shortlisted the asset

  • Eye – The number of people that have viewed that particular asset

  • Thumbs up – The number of people who liked the asset

  • Comment box – The comments that other browsers have posted for that particular asset

As you are done browsing assets and short listing them, you can see shortlisted media assets on the top right corner of your page. You can view the summary, get the tabular form or check out the detailed version.

Once you have zeroed in on the assets of your choice, you would take a look at the cost of it. After deliberating over it, you have two choices.

  • 1. If the asset fits your budget, you can proceed to make the payment for the same either by online or offline means.

  • 2. If it doesn't fit your budget then the floor is always open to negotiating.

For this, go to the drop-down menu on the top-left corner and place your cursor there. From the drop-down menu, click on ‘Transact’, which is again divided into 2 parts, ‘RFPS’ and ‘Proposals’. Click on RFPS which stands for ‘Request For Proposal’, and you are ready to make your negotiation

FAQ's [Advertisers/Brands]

Out-of-Home, Outdoor or OOH advertising is advertising that appears outside the home and includes a broad range of advertising media including Bulletins, billboards, Digital billboards, walls capes, pole kiosks, gantry and even skywriting. You're likely to see OOH advertising any time you travel, commute, or walk out of your front door.

Yes! OOH is effective at targeting both B2B & B2C audiences whether it is for driving brand awareness or increasing purchase intent. You can read more studies about OOH effectiveness by visiting on Internet.

No. is a “Digital Platform? that powers transactions between advertisers/brands and media owners. Our online platform supports you and your team by making it easier to find, plan, and purchase various media. Once, you are ready to accept a proposal, you will sign a media contract & negotiate directly with the Media Owner via

Alright, now you're ready to explore Gainbuzz. At the top of your dashboard, you'll notice several main navigation tabs:

  • Dashboard: Quick access to your leads, Auctions, Bookings & Offers
  • Menu Tabs: Browse & Add Assets, Marketplace (find service providers), Transact (RFP & Proposals), Manage (Organization & User Details), Vault (Creatives & Docs)
  • You can access the Upcoming events, User, property, RFP & proposal activities upfront.
  • Analytics View: See the various analytics features such as Type wise asset visualization, Top Organization with Media, Shortlisted assets etc… on the Dashboard
  • Map View: Google Map view of the listed media is available upfront
  • Logout/Settings: You can update the organization profile & logout from the top right icon available on the header.

RFP is request for proposals. OK, it's time to create your 1st RFP. Click on "Create an RFP" to go to the RFP builder from your dashboard. From here you can start planning your first advertising campaign. As a first timer, we recommend reading our illustrated RFP tutorial.

It is a ‘Request Form Proposal’ (RFP) which defines the goals and parameters of your advertising campaign. By filling the details of your campaign like budget, target market, media formats, scheduling, etc.), determines which of our registered media owners are best fit for your RFP. You can also send your RFP to your regular media owner. Once the media owner receives your RFP, they can log in to create a customized proposal matching your advertising goals.

For all your shortlisted assets, generating various summary, detail & comparative reports is easy! Browse & Shortlist your asset & click on Reports to see.

We work with hundreds of the top ‘Media Owners’ worldwide that own various media across the world which are Known & verified by Gainbuzz.

You can browse the media listings to find the advertising opportunities at and connect directly with our sales representatives. You can also contact us to speak with an account manager that can answer all your questions about various media options.

Our dynamic Media Listings map consists of thousands of various media units posted by hundreds of our Media Owners & partners. Search by location or by media format to find advertising opportunities near you or your target market.

All proposals and Media Listings have integrated messaging/connecting tools that allow you to contact directly with sales representatives to each of our registered Media Owners.

Yes! We have a Market Place on our online tool where the Printers & Fabricators have registered with, Advertisers can buy their services or they can club it with their Media Owner & ask for an inclusive of all pricing in RFP.

FAQ's [Media Owners]

As of now, it’s free…!

No. is an Online Platform that powers transactions between Media owners & Advertisers. Our tools supports you and your team by making it easy to manage your Media Inventory, discover new leads, create interactive proposals & communicate with clients. When you are ready to execute a sale, you will sign a media/sale contract directly with the client/Advertiser/Brand via

No. The only way buyers will see your pricing or availability information is when you allow them to by submitting a proposal online. You remain in control!

No. Proposals are always private between you and the corresponding advertiser.

It’s easy! Click here to sign up now.

Click on Add asset tab from the menu on dashboard to add details of your asset. Bulk upload option is also available to save the time & effort.

You have the full control over your uploaded Media. Include only the media and information you want to sell online.

Contracts are always between you and the advertiser/brand.

A notification will automatically be sent to you every time a buyer submits an RFP that matches your media inventory. Advertisers can also directly connect with you through public listings to inquire about specific media units.

All the RFP’s & proposals directly connect you with advertisers/brands. You can see them from your account dashboard.

By choosing your inventory to be public on, advertisers/brands can search by location and format to find your inventory online and connect with you directly to initiate an RFP. Public Listings are pushed to the top of advertising related web searches as it is indexed by search engines (e.g., Google, Bing etc.). Public Listings are a great way to drive new business & increase your online presence.