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Bus Shelters Advertising

Bus shelters are the most effective advertising campaign in modern times. From the kid waiting for a school bus, or a senior citizen waiting for the bus, everybody notices the bus shelters hoardings. Bus shelters hoardings gets maximum eye from people. So, it is easier for advertiser to target the appropriate audience.

Why Bus Shelter Hoardings

One can easily promote his product or service targeting the proper demographic and geographic locations.

Bus shelters always lead with larger visibility, the ad is not only viewed by the commuters under roof but it is also viewed by the nearby passing people, like drivers, pedestrians, and the passenger in public transports and so on. Many of them are going to see it more than once, because people usually pass the same location everyday while driving to work and then back home.

Bus stop advertising (or transit advertising) works 24 hours a day. Urban areas rarely sleep; the integral lighting keeps the ad highly visible even in the night as well.

Bus Shelter ads are economically more viable as compared to costly hoardings, it lower cost, and it delivers efficient results.

Where to promote?

You can choose the best outdoor bus shelter media asset according to your budget, target audience, demographic and geographic location. Hence, it is important to research and work on advertising strategy before deciding the location.

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